Pauley Renovation

UCLA's Formal Announcement On Plans for Pauley Pavillion Transformation


UCLA's Public Announcement On Transformation Of Pauley Pavilion.

Pauley Restoration: Monday, May 11 Is A Big Day


Morgan Center gives us a little glimpse of what they have on mind for Pauley renovation: Got the image from the official site.Remember they have a big announcement on the renovation scheduled for...

Pauley Restoration Update: Still On Target For 2012-13?


So in case you missed it last week Brian Dohn ran an interesting update re. Pauley restoration in the Daily News. Apparently DG thinks the Pauley restoration will still get done by the current...

Pauley Renovation: I'll Believe It When I See It And Not A Moment Sooner


The Daily Bruin published a story yesterday about the Pauley Pavilion renovation. If I were going to be sarcastic, I'd make a joke about how the whole project is euphemistically called the Pauley...

We Interrupt This Tournament ...


From the Daily Breeze, regarding the Pauley Pavilion renovation, by staff writers Brian Dohn and Jill Painter: UCLA senior associate athletic director Ross Bjork made a pair of hires that will be...

More On Restoring The Cathedral Coach Wooden Built ...


Let's stay with the theme of honoring and preserving the legacy of the Patriarch of our basketball program. Some of you have already flagged this awesome article entitled "Pauley Pavillion: What's...

I'm Thinking of a Word ... and It Rhymes with Fustercluck


This story from Wednesday's Los Angeles Times should come as no surprise to anyone: Pauley Pavilion plays catch-up Matthew Pauley relishes the sense of history inside Pauley Pavilion, the Westwood...

Lollygagging w/ Pauley (Restoration)


I will get to other basketball notes in a bit. I wanted to started the day with a note on Pauley renovation. Stop me if I have heard this note before. A few weeks ago Menelaus gave us a depressing...

A Year Lost in Pauley Restoration


So, we have another game against the gap-closing losers from across town.  And just about all that anyone can point to in support of the purported "rivalry" is that USC has managed to get...

A Detour for Pauley


Given there is so much interest in Bruins Nation wrt to restoration of the Cathedral of College Hoops, I am surprised I didn’t see any comments on this little detail from Dohn’s post West Va report...

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