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Reggie Moore and Bullough fired - LA Times


"UCLA defensive coordinator Chuck Bullough and wide receiver coach Reggie Moore were fired Saturday morning, according to a source in the program who was not authorized to speak on the subject..." Probably the two most people agreed they'd like to see leave. I wonder what this means for Chow.

Phil Steele-2010 UCLA football had #4 toughest schedule in the nation


Look at the Pac10. 7 of the top 10 are from the division If you count Colorado joining next year, that's 80% of the teams in the top 10. That says something about scheduling for sure.

SB Nation Pac-10 Preview pegs us for 8th


A fairly balanced conference writeup from Avinash at California Golden Blogs, with input from Ryan among others. I'm sure a lot of us think we are underrated as the 8th pick, but until we prove it on the pitch we can't complain too much; and I take the analysis here - based on opinions from diehard fan-blogger across the conference - to be more trustworthy and insightful than MSM hacks.

UCLA has the toughest schedule in the Pac 10


Phil Steele has released his strength of schedule ranking for every D1 football program and UCLA came in at #3. The rest of the Pac 10 are all within the top 55 SOS rankings.

CFN's 2010 Pre-season Ranking For UCLA: Number 42


Wonder how they will adjust it when they realize XSF is taking his mission (as he is mentioned prominently in this blurb): 42. UCLA 2009 Final CFN Ranking: 59 As Rick Neuheisel enters the third year of his rebuilding project in Westwood, it’s time for the offense to start carrying its weight. That’ll be particularly important in 2010 as the Bruins part ways with many of their best defensive stoppers. A lot will depend on the development of QB Kevin Prince in his second year as the starter. He’ll be helped by the returns of many of his skill position players and top blocker Xavier Su'a-Filo. Over all, I don't expect us to be in the top-25 to start the season. However, I think if we can make a charge in the Pac-10 with a winning conference season, we are going to look all right at the end of the season. GO BRUINS.

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