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All-Pac 10 Teams Announced, 5 Bruins honored, 4 make honorable mention


Surprisingly, we have as many on the 1st and 2nd teams as Zona and the University of Successful Cheaters.

Ayers Named a Butkus Award Finalist


Per the official site, super-stud (but hobbled this year by injury) linebacker Akeem Ayers has been named as one of the five finalists for the Butkus Award, given each year to the top college linebacker. Let's hope Akeem can bring it home to Westwood. GO BRUINS

Prince has a torn meniscus


I haven't seen anyone post this yet. Jon Gold spoke with KP last night and our quarterback says he has a torn meniscus. He'll have surgery on saturday to determine just how bad it is.

CRN w Dan Patrick: Analyzes Pac-10 QBs, Talks "Scheduling Philosophy"


CRN thinks Jake Locker and Andrew Luck are two best QBs in the conference. I would put Nick Foles up there as well given how well he fits in Arizona's spread but those two choices makes a lot of sense. I am sure Hello Kiffin will perceive this as some kind of slight against Matt Barkley. CRN also mentioned he is not a big fan of scheduling tough games early on. I can't really disagree with him there either. I think UCLA's scheduling has not been helpful in terms of rebuilding the program. GO BRUINS.

Breakfast w Bruins: Westwood Bruin Touchdown Club


Every year on Friday before home games the hardest of hardcore UCLA boosters get together for breakfast in Westwood. It'd be great if more BNers become part of this. We always talk about wanting to impact our athletic culture at UCLA. Joining and strengthening this group would be a good place to engage. For full details, please click on the link above. GO BRUINS.

Cool LA Daily News Spread On UCLA's 2010 Season


There is nothing in the spread (linked above) that should be new to the regulars here on BN. But still it's pretty good effort from the Daily News laying out the starting lineup and UCLA's season in a full page spread. GO BRUINS.

Three Bruins named on more national awards "watch list"


FS Rahim Moore and LB Akeem Ayers were named to the watch list for the Bednarik Award as the nation's top defender while Datone Jones is on the watch list for the Hendricks award, given to the nation's top defensive end. These lists came out before Datone got hurt. GO BRUINS.

CRN rings the opening bell at the NASDAQ


CRN and the rest of the Pac-10 coaches ring the opening bell at the NASDAQ. There's also link to watch the video clip.

UCLA has the toughest schedule in the Pac 10


Phil Steele has released his strength of schedule ranking for every D1 football program and UCLA came in at #3. The rest of the Pac 10 are all within the top 55 SOS rankings.

UCLA @UDub changed to Thursday, 11/18


Good for exposure but those Thursday Night games are tricky and I think we're walking into the lions den. Also destroys my plan to head up for the game.

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