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Stanford Blogger perspective on UCLA's 2011 season


Good takes here. Of course it's because gbruin helped them out with perspective from BN. GO BRUINS.

UCLA with the toughest Pac-12 Schedule this season


Jon Wilner breaks down the Pac-12 schedules by team and declares UCLA's the toughest this year.

UCLA Football Set to Improve Dramatically in 2011


Phil Steele's (in)famous simulators have UCLA as the 8th most improved offense and the 8th most improved defense in the country (points scored and allowed respectively). Overall, that puts UCLA as the third most improved team in the nation.

2011 UCLA Football Season Preview for Stats Junkies


I ran across this article in a UCLA football news search. It goes into a lot of depth on what we might expect from the Bruins this season, based on past performances. It also has the obligatory rundown on our QB woes over the past few seasons. In any case this is great article and I know many of you will enjoy it!

Neuheisel on the hottest of hot seats?


I'm not sure that I agree with this, I think some below him on this list are in more danger. However, it is nice to see that there are others who have higher expectations for UCLA.

Sporting News' College Preview Picks Bruins to Finish in Bottom Half


Mike Sorensen of the Deseret News reports that Sporting News' College Preview has Utah picked to win the Pac-12 South, followed by ASU and U$C. Arizona, Colorado, and UCLA were all predicted to finish in the bottom half of the section. If that plays out, Rick shouldn't have another chance to turn it around. GO BRUINS

Prince out for spring; Hundley ready to go


Kevin Prince is still rehabilitating, and despite CRN's previous hopes will not be doing much of anything during spring ball. Recent surgeries have Darius Bell out and Nick Crissman limited. Brehaut's available, but just coming off baseball participation. Brett Hundley is there. While none of us wish any ill will on any Bruin, if there were ever a situation tailor-made for a freshman to come in and prove himself ready to contribute (or even start), this is it.

Rick Neuheisel Talks New Staff, Recruiting, Pistol, Brett Hundley


Saw this on Sports Radio Interviews, it's a transcript of Rick Neuheisel discussing his new staff, recruiting, his commitment to the pistol, Brett Hundley and more this morning. He was on WQXI in Atlanta, the Pollack and Bell Show -- where they referred to him as a "friend of the show." The audio of the interview is linked here.

Reggie Moore and Bullough fired - LA Times


"UCLA defensive coordinator Chuck Bullough and wide receiver coach Reggie Moore were fired Saturday morning, according to a source in the program who was not authorized to speak on the subject..." Probably the two most people agreed they'd like to see leave. I wonder what this means for Chow.

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