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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar bemoans the loss of John Wooden's ideals at his alma mater


No one can ever replace the legend, but his ideals can help the troubled program. (BN Eds): Kareem's comments are eye-opening. They should serve yet another wake up call as he indirectly exposes how Dan Guerrero's lack of leadership has done severe damage to the brand of the program built by Coach.

Interesting Statistical Comparisons of Howland and Lavin


". . . aside from three outstanding years, comprising a smaller and smaller fraction of his UCLA career, Howland's teams have under performed Lavin's. In those three good years he went 97-17 (85.1%), 13-3 in the NCAA tournament. But in the other five and a half years he's 105-76 (58.0%) with just two tournament wins. By comparison, Lavin had a better record for his worst five years 97-61 (61.4%) and won six tournament games. Want to toss out his first year using "Lavin's players"? (You wouldn't want to if he had a good year with them, would you?) Then he's an identical 94-59 (61.4%). How is this possible?" Much, much more . . .

Can UConn be a landing spot for Ben Howland?


Connecticut Huskies head coach Jim Calhoun is taking an indefinite medical leave of absence as he has been dealing with "a worsening case of spinal stenosis, a lower back condition that causes intense pain and hinders mobility." It is unclear whether Calhoun can hang on for the long term. It may not be a bad idea for Howland's agent to start sending feelers out. GO BRUINS.

UNLV beats U$C with players Ben Howland ran out of UCLA


Look who beat U$C ...Chace Stanback and Mike Moser. Their 14 points were good enough to defeat the Trogans 66-55.

Howland Celebrates His 22nd Win With Jon Gold


HT to fresia39 for linking this in the post-game thread, as Howland makes good on his promise to Jon Gold if U.C.L.A. reached 22 wins this season. For all the ups and downs with this team, getting 22 wins after the 3-4 start is pretty nice. Let's hope the team can keep the ups going into postseason play.

"Ben doesn’t need help coaching," said Mathews. "My main focus is to get the best players available for him to coach..."


Contrary to common perception, 59 year old Phil Matthews has been hired not to provide any coaching assistance to Ben Howland, but to be the chief recruiter. Can a 59 year old who has been a Nebraska assistant the past 4 years be counted on to bring in the top level talent UCLA needs? Prior to Nebraska, he spent 10 years as head coach of the Universtiy of San Francisco, I am not aware of a significant recruit he brought into either program in those 14 years. Either Ben is crazy like a fox, or this move is really, really strange.

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