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Elite-8: Two More UCLA Coaching "Targets" Up

The Bruins have hired a guy with a less-than-stellar NCAA tournament record, meanwhile it looks like it could turn into a Final Four with three coaching candidates that UCLA never made a serious...

Who is Billy Donovan?


Here's a story about our nemesis, coach Billy Donovan of Florida. Much as we dislike what he's done to the Bruins in the Tourney, it's worthwhile to learn about dynamics between him, his athletic director, and his university's president. While reading the article, it occurred to me how little we really know about Howland, Guerrero, and Block. Howland is practically a ghost off the basketball court. Guerrero is nowhere to be found outside of photo ops and buffets. Block hides out in the far corner of campus, ensconced in a second-floor office in Murphy Hall. We don't know what is truly important to these men, beyond the superficials of dollars and (maybe) victories. Do they care about integrity? Do they have a strong sense of purpose? How do they conceive of themselves as educators? Based on what we are able to observe, we would probably be disappointed to learn the answers to these questions, but it's troubling that they don't communicate in a way that would give us useful and positive insights. The linked article at least gives us an idea of what kind of a person Donovan is. By the way, scroll to the bottom of the article. Whose team appears in the photo right after the story of Donovan and the Gators?

Bruin Bites

Bruins Nation gets the work week started with the Monday edition of the regular Bruin Bites round-up of various bits and pieces of news from around the UCLA-iverse.


Greatest Sports Record: UCLA's 7 Straight Titles

According to the Sporting News' readership, the Bruins' run in Men's Basketball from 1967-73 is the greatest record in all of sport, tallying 81 percent of the vote. Current Florida Head Coach...


Cause for Optimism: Listen to Billy Donovan on UCLA's Team

 If you want to hear an encouraging perspective on UCLA basketball listen to Billy Donovan's post game interview.  He was extremely impressed with our team. He began by saying (bold mine):   "I'm...

OT: When Does (Billy) Donovan Get the Blame?


You might think they are talking about UCLA if you replace Donovan with Howland, and Florida with UCLA. I find it interesting that the rise of Florida coincided with the rise of UCLA...if we won both our games against them in the tournament we'd have at least one title and another title appearance. I just think it's funny that UF fans are channeling a lot of the same thoughts about their program (although they have been bad for the last two years).

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