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UCLA moves up to. no. 8 in world university rankings


UCLA is one of the highest climber in the world rankings compiled by Times Higher Education ranking, moving up to 8 from number 12. I only scanned the top-25 list -- so I have no idea or don't really care if that other "school" from across town is even on this list. GO BRUINS.

25 Signs You Went To UCLA In The "Good Old Days"


Found this on Lorenzo Mata's wall. Anyone want to add to the list? I love the one about John Wooden and the 8 clap. I'm too old to have gone to Diddy Riese.

Thoughts and prayers go to Jon Gold & his family


From all of us here at BN. Hang in there Jon. The Bruin family here is with you and your family. GO BRUINS.

OT: 1,000 'Bleacher Report' Writers Descend On Super Bowl Media Day


The Onion takes on the trailer park of online sports world Bleecher Report. GO BRUINS.

Thoughts and prayers with Bruin fan "CR Green"


Not a lot of folks know about CR Green here on BN. I have been reading him for more than a decade. I haven't agreed with his thoughts at times but there is no doubting his passion for UCLA. Please keep him in your prayers and send every bit of good vibe you can muster up. GO BRUINS.

Help a Bruin in the fight of her life


This has been going around the internet today and many of you may have seen this as many of the Bruins I know are posting this online today. UCLA grad student Janet Liang has leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant to have a chance at surviving. If any of you are NOT part of the bone marrow registry I would encourage you all to please go and register for the bone marrow registry and possibly be a match for Janet or the thousands of others that need a match, all it takes is a harmless mouth swab to see if you are a match and could potentially save a life.

SOPA/PIPA tabled for now


Thanks to massive protest from online activists from all over the country spanning all spectrum of political partisanship, congressional leaders tabled SOPA/PIPA for now. The battle is not over though. We are just in a holding pattern for now as we are sure SOPA/PIPA proponents will come back again. Stay tuned.

Book Review: Tyler's Cookbook- "Savoring Life"!


In case you haven't gotten around to obtaining a copy of Tyler's cookbook, Savoring Life, yet, I just wanted to let you know what you are missing. This little dude knows what he's doing in the kitchen. Like soups? How about "Smoky Split Pea Soup," with pancetta? Into salads? "Kicked Up Caesar Salad" fills the bill. I'm fairly sure that his dad, Insomniac, oversaw the creation of "Beer Poached Chicken with Mushroom Sauce," so get out of here with your accusations of under-age cooking. I may surprise Mrs. Bruinut one night with "Dragon's Breath Chicken Enchiladas." Obviously, Tyler digs egg rolls. "Taquito Egg Rolls" heads the list of a half-dozen egg roll recipes. Like any kid, he fancies mac and cheese, and chicken tenders, too. Of the three m&c recipes, I might have to go for "Ultimate Mac & Cheese" first. "Nut Crusted Chicken Tenders" would likely be my first choice of the three or four tenders recipes. I don't know if it was intended as a tip of the chef's cap to the Bruins, but his "Chicken Cordon 'Blue'" modifies the French spelling of "bleu" into something all right-thinking sports fans can appreciate. Recommended. Go Tyler. Go Bruins.

UCLA ranked number 2 in the nation in a "different" kind of ranking


In contrast to the U.S News and World report college rankings which tend to be dominated by exclusive Ivy Leagues, editor's at the Washington Monthly rated schools based on a set of variables aimed at finding out what schools "give back" the most to the country and their communities. Not surprising that 4 out of the top 10 come from our very own UC system. While I am of the belief that college "rankings" are like pre-season sports polls - highly arbitrary and hardly conclusive, it is interesting to see how schools measure up from a different perspective.

[TOMORROW = LAST DAY!] VOTE NOW for BN in "LA's Most Valuable Blogger Awards"


Ladies and Gents - This is all in good fun. CBS Los Angeles is having a fun little voting contest on LA's most valuable blogs. There are few categories including on for sports. BN was apparently nominated by someone to be in the contest along with few other blogs representing LA's other teams. We are the only Bruin blog nominated for the contest. So if you have few seconds, click on the link and vote. Voting is open through September 9. You can "submit one vote per category per day." So go ahead and vote, vote and vote! GO BRUINS.

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