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A Chance to Help Out the Bruin Den: Take The SBN Survey Today


It's simple UCLA students and alums: just click on a link to participate on an SBN user experience survey for few mins and in return put us in position to support the Bruin Den! Gi!


The Dirt From The Den: 2011 Edition

Bumped. - BN Eds. Photo Credit: JM Rosenfeld Hey guys, we at the Den wanted to introduce ourselves, as the Den is now run by a new staff from last year. My roommates and I are now sort of in the...


Student Busing to Sports Arena

UCLA releases information on how students will be transported to basketball team's temporary home - LA Sports Arena - during 2011-12 season.


The Real Bruin Bear Security Force

It's that time of year again.  Some call it Rivalry Week, others Blue and Gold Week.  I think of it as "I Hate Their Guts And Now I Can Show It Week."  I suppose that the official kickoff is...


Dirt from The Den: UofA Edition!

The Den is asking again for some support with this week's edition of the Dirt from the Den. We will be facing the school known for students with BAC > GPA, aka UofA. Please provide any dirt/jokes...


DB: $36 student ticket doesn't fix the problem

A couple of weeks ago, I posted here about the new price for a single game football ticket. Because it sparked a conversation on BN and between me and some friends, I decided to dig further and...


Dirt from The Den: Wazzou Edition!

Thanks for the continued help throughout the season. We are once again looking for some help digging up the trash on the bottom-feeders of the pac-10. We already have some stuff, considering that...


Dirt from The Den: Houston Edition!

Thanks to everyone that helped out last week putting together dirt on Stanford. The students loved it. You can find that weeks dirt on the Stanford Dirt thread. We are asking once again for help...


Dirt from The Den: Stanford Edition!

As mentioned previously, The Den will be publishing the next version of the "Dirt" at the Stanford game. However, we need some help. Please post any "dirt" you have ever read of Stanford. There is...


The Dirt From The Den: An Introduction!

Engaging the Bruin Den, UCLA's hardcore student section in football/basketball games on Bruins Nation.

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