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Go Sproul Hall!


Gotta love those students. Go Bruins! Beat $c

Bruins defense holds players only meeting


The UCLA defense got together on tuesday for a players only meeting. Hope this is a good sign of change to come. Go Bruins!

UCLA football: Diddy grabs spotlight at Bruins practice


Sean "Diddy" Combs was at practice today with his son, Justin Combs, who is a H.S. CB with D1 offers. They were visiting UCLA on an unofficial visit and hung out with Kevin Love, Baron "B.Diddy" Davis and Russell Westbrook.

Pac-12 may play on Sundays


Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott will consider playing games on Sundays if NFL Season is cancelled.

UCLA Coach Rick Neuheisel's Offseason Dilemmas


This article is maddeningly negative, but it appears that CRN’s management of the offseason is creating harmful perceptions. This was never going to be a big recruiting class for us, but we do need quality depth to man determined systems of play. There are a lot of questions here, but CRN’s answers so far smack of confusion and indecision. This is leadership? Is the problem CRN or is RG undercutting him on new hires?

Wooden’s humor touched many


This is an excellent recap of today's memorial for Coach. The humor that all the speakers spoke of today is just another example of how Coach lived a balanced life. We all miss you Coach, but are happy that you are finally with your beloved.

Mike Sealy Named UCLA Head Women's Volleyball Coach


I have never heard of him and did a quick Google check but all I came up with was the link to our Athletics site, so maybe someone with a better background in Women's Volleyball can offer some insight. My initial thoughts are that he seems to be a good hire with lots of experience and strong Bruin ties. However, one of the reasons Coach Banachowski was such a legend was because he always made a connection with the fans in addition to the on-court success. It will be interesting to see if Sealy can match that enthusiasm and keep attendance numbers strong.

President Obama picks against UCLA; the Pac-10


President Obama picks all of the Pac-10 teams to go down in the first round (including UCLA to VCU) except for Washington, who he has losing in the second round to Purdue. Thoughts? I think this is pretty lame and I hear even his brother (of whom we endlessly hear of as the famous brother-in-law to Mr. Obama) is in awe. Good luck to all of you in your brackets!

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