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Coach Wooden statue unveiling at Pauley


The Coach John Wooden statue by Blair Buswell is scheduled for unveiling on Oct. 26 at 2:30 p.m. at the North Plaza of Pauley Pavilion. Members of both the Wooden and the Pauley families will attend the unveiling.

Wooden's Words An Inspiration Again


Ramona Shelburne, writing on ESPN's blog, has a great story on a group of Ugandan basketball coaches visiting UCLA to study the ideas of John Wooden. (If this has been mentioned before on BN, I missed it, so please excuse me.) Warning: You may swallow hard and blink back a few tears while reading it.

Phenomenal interview with Kevin Love


Yahoo Sports' Marc Spears sat down with K Love and talked with him about Coach, his double-double record (post NBA-ABA merger), and his family and life. A great read.

BN Request: Share Your Pictures With Coach For A Music Video Slideshow


Hey folks. Got a very cool proposal from bruin805 aka E. Corpuz (who is always providing us incredible pictures, videos from practices and UCLA events). bruin805 is looking to put together "a video slideshow of fans posing with Coach Wooden and put it on YouTube." As he wrote in an email: Because the man was so generous with his time, I'm sure that several of you out there have photos of yourselves or your kids with Coach. I'd like to take several of these and set them to music. If you'd like to be included, please email photos to bruin805@yahoo.com. The higher the resolution of the photo, the better. I can't promise I'll use all of them. It will depend on the quality of the picture and how many I get. I'll take photos until Friday. So if you have pictures with Coach Wooden you want to share, please send him an email. It sounds like an awesome, worthwhile project. GO BRUINS.

Sunday Times Special Section On Coach Wooden


Tomorrow: an entire section in the L.A. Times on Coach

Al Scates on John Wooden


Article in the OC Register. The last part on Keith Erickson is priceless. We all miss you Coach.

In his final days, Coach asked for a shave so he’d have a fresh face for Nellie


A detail I missed from last few days: Wilkes said he recognized what he called "that little glint" in Wooden's pale blue eyes. He was in the room with Wooden's son, James, when Wooden asked to be shaved. "His son made the comment that when he got shaved he was getting ready to see Nellie," Wilkes said, referring to Wooden's late wife who died of cancer in 1985. GO BRUINS.

Coach, Henry Bibby and Southern Cal


Noticed this in the LA Times yesterday and it made me smile: When UCLA alumnus Henry Bibby became the coach at USC, Wooden counseled him over the phone but declined invitations to visit. "He would say, ‘Henry, you are one of my boys, but I will never go watch you coach over there,’ " Bibby said. "He was UCLA through and through."

[UPDATED] Coach John Wooden Memorial Wrist bands


The Den is planning to create memorial silicone wristbands (like the livestrong ones) for the late Coach John Wooden. They will be BLUE with YELLOW writing: "Coach John Wooden 10/14/1910 - 6/4/2010" They will be sold immediately and throughout the year for $1, and all proceeds will be donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), which is the charity that the Wooden family has requested for donations. Please send all shipping and large orders to wooden.wristbands@gmail.com We are accepting orders and preparing for immediate shipping once they arrive. We have also set up a secure payment plan through paypal.

Video of the student 8-clap today for Coach


The Daily Bruin made this wonderful video of the 8-clap today outside of the Wooden Center. The interviews with students are really wonderful.

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