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"And now, please welcome USC Athletic Director - Dan Guerrero"


A moderator at a press conference for the LA Sports Council introduces Dan Guerrero as USC Athletic Director. Yep, sounds about right. The LA Sports Council? Sounds irrelevant, but anyway they got some press together for something obviously important and our man Dan showed up along with his counterpart at Southern Cal. Did someone plant this moderator? If so, brilliant. It would be amazing to get a video of it. If not, maybe Nestor can find out who he is and send him a BruinsNation tshirt. Ha.

OT: Happy National Doughnut Day


Also, a special and unrelated shout out to our Dear Leader, Chianti Dan.

We're Number Seventy One!!


We are in the bottom half of college football. We are behind powerhouses like Utah State, Western Michigan, and Louisiana-Layfayette. We are ahead of only Arizona, WSU, OSU, and Colorado in our conference. Anyone want to pimp up the Pac-12 Championship appearance now? Chianti?

AD Dan has message on Basketball home games


Busing to the Sports Arena: "Those fans who don't want to drive to the games can catch a ride on the bus service that has been arranged for all 19 of our home games. Fans will have the ability to park for free at Jackie Robinson Stadium, where the Bruin baseball team plays, and ride special buses to and from the basketball game for just $16 per person per game. The bus tickets should be purchased at least 48 hours prior to game day from the UCLA Ticket Office. We will be sending out more details about the bus plan as they become available. "

Center Circle Auction Closes Saturday


Yet another public embarrassment for Morgan Center...

In Other Morgan Center News... Nikki Caldwell Leaves Westwood for LSU


It seems that Morgan Center has been so busy over the past few days screwing over students and not understanding satire, that they allowed one of the brightest coaches in her sport and on campus to get hired away by LSU.

Dan Guerrero reflects on his tenure as Chair of NCAA tourney committee


Andy Katz has an exit interview of DG as he winds down his term as the Chair of the tourney committee. OSU's Gene Smith is going to take over for DG. In the article DG gives his thoughts on the new TV deal and tourney setup. GO BRUINS.

Dan Guerrero gets NCAA to change summer rules


Good to see Dan working to get CBH more time with the student athletes...

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