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ESPN: Rick Neuheisel Was Forced [By Dan Guerrero?] To Retain DeWayne Walker


Disturbing report surfaces of Rick Neuheisel being forced to retain defensive coordinator from Dorrell regime when he took the job at UCLA.

BN Roundup: Neuheisel's New Vest, Walker Arrested For DUI & Holiday Notes


Let's start our Friday roundup by checking in with Coach Neuheisel's trip to the Middle East. David Raih, who I am assuming is a hard working intern at the Morgan Center is going to be posting p...

Spaulding Roundup: Practice Gets Sloppy/Chippy


After almost two weeks of spring ball the practice has gotten sloppy and little chippy. First here is the sloppy part: The offensive coordinator put his unit through punitive post-practice...

Spaulding Roundup: Coaching Notes


Some news and notes on the coaching front to pass on to close out this Friday. If anyone was wondering about the working relationship between CRN and DW Dohn served up this answer on his blog: H...

Coach Neuheisel Response: Strongly Denies Ken Norton's Misinformation Campaign


I have been out and about. So haven't been paying attention to all the recruiting shenangians on the football front. And it looks like Ken Norton Jr. might have been up to some shenanigans. B...

Latest On Walker Drama


owlfinder alerted everyone about this in the FanPosts. Per Brian Dohn (who not necessarily has the best sources when it comes to coaching searches as learned last year) Dewayne Walker is going out...

Christmas Day Roundup: Roll-Shipp Mins/Walker Watch


Well, I am getting ready for the Lakers game out here after getting done with all Christmas morning festivities. We will probably make it to LA this weekend with a stop in Westwood this Sunday to...

Spaulding Roundup: Walker/LSU Reset & ATV Watch


Let’s start the week with a quick reset on Dewayne Walker. In case you missed it Class of 66 posted some interesting thoughts from a colleague of his, who happened to be a hardcore LSU fan, closely...

Serving Notice: UCLA Recruiting Reset


Things are looking up for Rick Neuheisel and UCLA football. Bruins Nation provides a quick reset on the current state of UCLA football recruiting heading into 2009 signing day.

Spaulding Roundup: Recruiting/Walker Updates


Some bits and pieces of football notes and news to pass on. From Brian Dohn: As I talk to folks inside and outside of the program, I keep hearing something refreshing for UCLA fans. And that is...

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