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Arizona State Followups


I don't want to dwell on last night's loss too much. Predictably there is a lot meltdown going on over at message boards where posters still can't deal with the dose of reality of a team playing...

Dealing With Reality


It was easy to project during off season what a difficult year we were going to experience this season. That doesn't mean it's easy to go through a rebuilding season. This is not fun: Photo...

Spaulding Roundup: A November To Remember?


Those of you who have been visiting this little corner of the internets every day know full well how we have been realistic about our expectations re. this season for months. We knew given the...

Spaulding Roundup: Peace Of Mind


Thanks to Telemachus, Tydides, Achilles, and others for holding down the fort for last few days. I am traveling today as I will get back into swing of things with regular roundups and updates...

Right Direction


Let’s do a quick reset before getting to extended thoughts on last night’s game. Let’s take a count on what CRN and Norm Chow were working with in one of the toughest venues in college football...

Dealing With Tabloid Trash From Traditional Media's Concern Trolls


So lot of Bruins are furious (justifiably so) over the latest column from TJ Simers in today's LA Times. Simers today wrote a piece going straight after CRN with his usual snark (without providing...

Measuring Improvements


Looking back at the much discussed June post re “dose of reality” for this current season,  the “optimistic” projection for our first three games was a record of 1-2 while 0-3 was the...

Bright Spots (In A World Of Reality)


We are now three games into Rick Neuheisel’s first season at UCLA, and I think it is starting to become clear to everyone in BN, precisely what we were foreshadowing when we were writing all those...

Dose of Reality: Personnel Deficiencies


Another game, another week and once again Neuheisel's Bruins were out manned and outgunned, losing to a more talented team with explosive fire power. Bruins gave it a good shot and they certainly...

Additional Big Picture Thoughts After Saturday


Before we pivot to Arizona I wanted to get few more thoughts out of the way and throw up for discussion re. Saturday’s game, so that we can look to Arizona game with somewhat of a clean slate. I...

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