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[Update x3]: UCLA Brass Overrules Guerrero, Fires Neuheisel (Caving To Massive Pressure From Bruin Alums)


News breaking right now. UCLA has fired Rick Neuheisel after all out pressure on AD from Bruin alums.

Blame Dan Guerrero’s Indecision for Rick Neuheisel’s Latest Tragicomic Delusions


Rick Neuheisel made absurd comments about UCLA moving in the "right direction" in this week's presser. While he is denial the blame lies with Bruin athletic director Dan Guerrero for the sorry and...

Time for Full Court Press on Chianti Dan – Out Of Touch with "Heart and Pulse" of the UCLA Community


Time for UCLA alums and season ticket holders to generate all out pressure to force incompetent and out of touch UCLA AD Dan Guerrero to move on firing Rick Neuheisel as the head football coach of...

Is Chianti Dan’s Latest Tone-deaf Non-Move Sabotaging UCLA’s Coaching Search?


UCLA's athletic director Dan Guerrero continues to fiddle away while the football program burns down into the ground.

After The 0-50 Massacre Chianti Dan Wants Bruin Fans to Get Excited About The Rose Bowl!


UCLA's tondeaf athletic director Dan Guerrero offers more clueless comments following Bruins' latest humiliating football loss against Southern Cal Trojans.

The Morning After, Part 12: Southern Cal


The Morning After, Part 12: Southern Cal

U.C.L.A. vs. Southern Cal, 2nd Half Thread

I had hope. Unfortunately, as we say, hope is not a strategy. Our team came out with all the tradition and passion and imagination displayed by our awesome new unis.  Pale. Colorless.  Plain. ...

[Updated] Chianti Dan’s Dream Comes True: UCLA Backs Into Pac-12 Title Game As "Champions" of "South"!


Thanks to the EPIC FAIL that is Pac-12 South, Dan Guerrero's mediocre UCLA football program backs into the conference championship representing the pathetic second tier division of the conference.

Neuheisel’s Delusions Re. "Progress" Exacerbating Bruins’ Apathy & Ambivalence


With one game left in UCLA's regular season Rick Neuheisel remains delusional about sense of "progress" in Bruins' football program.

A UCLA Football Chronicle: The Path to Our Lost Decade of Mediocrity


A chronicle of UCLA football and mistakes that should not be repeated

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