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Full-on "rile 'em up" mode: New photos of Jackie Robinson


As referenced by Huffington Post, there is a wonderful collection of 27 never-before-seen photos of the 1955 World Series from Life magazine. My favorites are two of Jackie Robinson, stealing home in the eighth inning of game one. What 'nads. From the caption of one of these two photos: "...Brooklyn would not win this game, but Robinson's steal made it plain that they weren't going to let the yankees simply walk away with the title. It was going to be a battle to the very end. (For what it's worth, an awful lot of people who have reviewed the play in the years since believe that the ump, Bill Summers, blew the call. But probably even more are happy to believe that Robbie pulled it off.)" There is also a great sequence of photos of Jackie, boldly "dancing off of third," daring a throw. Again, from the caption: "This picture is from the same series of Morse photos that produced perhaps the single most famous image of Jackie Robinson ever made -- a portrait of the Dodgers' second baseman in full-on "rile 'em up" mode that has become, 55 years later, an emblem of competitive fire. This, the picture says, is the guy you want on your team."

Rachel Robinson: Reflections of A Trailblazer


Rachel Robinson talks about the early days in professional baseball with Jackie.

MLB ready to celebrate Jackie Robinson Day


" By request of Commissioner Bud Selig, as Major League Baseball celebrates the 62nd anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking its color barrier on Wednesday, all big league players and uniformed personnel have been asked to wear the late Hall of Famer's famous No. 42 on the field when the 30 teams celebrate the occasion. The past two years, as the momentum to wear Robinson's number steamrolled through Major League clubhouses, Selig asked, but the act of wearing it was voluntary. Not so this year. "April 15, 1947, is a day that resonates with history throughout Major League Baseball," Selig said. "With all Major League players, coaches and umpires wearing Jackie's No. 42, we hope to demonstrate the magnitude of his impact on the game of baseball. Major League Baseball will never forget the contributions that Jackie made both on and off the field."" - MLB.com

Two Bruins on California's "Mt. Rushmore of Sports"


ESPN did a feature on the 4 greatest sports figures from each state. California's 4 greatest figures are: Tiger Woods John Wooden Magic Johnson Jackie Robinson Also receiving consideration: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Jackie Joyner-Kersee Rafer Johnson All in all, 5 Bruins considered along with lots of Lakers, Dodgers, Niners, and Giants. 1 trOJan. (What, no OJ?)

Jackie Robinson Paved the Way for Barack Obama


I usually do not discuss politics on the internet, but I felt that as Bruins, we can feel some pride in that one of us helped paved the way for this historical time. Last night and this morning, I thought about Jackie Robinson and how far we have come since 1947.

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