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Howland Already Planning Exit to Pitt?

As the Bruins get ready to take on Oregon in the Pac-12 title game, rumors continue to swirl that Ben Howland is not only on his way out of Westwood, but is on his way to replace his protege Jaime...

Bruin Bites: Powell Commits to Westwood, Warren Moon on Jim Mora, Jon Gold on Jerime Anderson


Bruins Nation takes a look at the bits and pieces of news from around the UCLA-iverse in the Sunday edition of the regular Bruin Bites round-up.


Thursday Expansionpalooza Thread: Eye on Jamie Dixon

Jamie Dixon may not be super excited about Pitt Panthers upcoming move to the ACC.

OT: Jamie Dixon: Rescue Worker


Former CBH assistant and current Pitt head coach Jamie Dixon helps trapped passengers out of an overturned vehicle.


Maybe It's Not Howland or The Players ... ?

There are elements to the program other than Howland and the players themselves. Let's put it this way: When Howland built the NAU and Pitt programs he had Jamie Dixon. When he built our program,...

Dixon, Theus, and Jeff Van Gundy to SUC: N-O


Earlier this week, on multiple occasions, USC was rebuffed by Pitt coach Jamie Dixon for the job, which opened up when Tim Floyd resigned. Dixon was and remains USC's top target, but he has told the Trojans he's staying at Pitt, as his family has no interest in moving from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles. This is the sports definition of radioactive here, folks.

[UPDATED] Start Jamie Dixon To Southern Cal Watch Now, Scandal Ridden Tim Floyd Quits Tainted U$C*


Start Jamie Dixon To Southern Cal Watch Now, Tim Floyd Quits From U$C*


Couldn't have worked out any better ...

Again this was from the morning edition of today's LAT: Asked if he had spoken to Floyd, Garrett said, "He'll come to me and tell me what he's decided. That's how it works." Floyd, 55, was...

[UPDATED: Trojans stuck with Floyd] Pittsburgh's Jamie Dixon Headed For USC?


In a recent fanpost, Nestor riffs on why he hopes that Tim Floyd stays at USC. That said I like Floyd where he is ... underachieving one season after another. Because if Floyd leaves that will...


Hope Floyd stays at JustSC

So Floyd has 24 hours to decide what to do per the LA Times: Tim Floyd, who took USC's basketball program to new heights, was offered the Arizona job Wednesday, a source familiar with the...

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