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OT: Comedian Louis CK Inspired By Coach

Via Sportsgrid: Having heard Louis CK's comedy myself, it's a bit surprising to see the name of our venerable Coach in the same sentence as a comedian whose, shall we say, off-color (yet IMO, brilliant) rants would have likely made him cringe. In the end it's just another reminder that Coach was and is about so much more than basketball.

Coach Wooden Tribute

Excellent work done by former UCLA students in honor of Coach Wooden. A lot to check out, but a must view for all members of the Bruin nation. You will never be forgotten Coach, happy 100th Birthday!!!

Wooden’s humor touched many

This is an excellent recap of today's memorial for Coach. The humor that all the speakers spoke of today is just another example of how Coach lived a balanced life. We all miss you Coach, but are happy that you are finally with your beloved.

Scully and Wooden For the Kids

Prime Ticket will be reshowing the 90-minute special from two years ago at the request of Vin Scully's wife, Sandy. The special is scheduled to be shown Monday night following the Dodgers postgame show, "Dodgers Live". There will also be a 30 minute presentation of "The Life and Times of John Wooden", narrated by Dick Enberg, following Scully & Wooden.

Some things you may not have known about Coach

Did you know Coach's favorite sport was NOT basketball? And that he is credited with achieving one of golf's rarest feats? LAT isn't good for much, but this is a great read!!

Wooden the construction worker

Did you know a young John Wooden helped build a Big 12 football stadium?

Coach John Wooden Love Letters

The voice is weaker and the body more frail, but the spirit and heart of the man grow stronger each day. Enjoy.

Seth Davis sits down with Coach Wooden

Seth Davis recently made the trek to the SFV to visit Coach for an SI.com piece. A good read, showing Coach being himself, if showing his age more than Davis recalls from his last meeting with him in 2006.

College BBall's Dirtiest Teams: Yet Another Excuse to Conduct a Hit Job on John Wooden

Typical MSM bitterness against the most successful program in College Basketball.

Two Bruins on California's "Mt. Rushmore of Sports"

ESPN did a feature on the 4 greatest sports figures from each state. California's 4 greatest figures are: Tiger Woods John Wooden Magic Johnson Jackie Robinson Also receiving consideration: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Jackie Joyner-Kersee Rafer Johnson All in all, 5 Bruins considered along with lots of Lakers, Dodgers, Niners, and Giants. 1 trOJan. (What, no OJ?)

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