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A Nerazzurri New Year's wish to Interisti!


A special Nerazzurri New Year's wish to all Interisti worldwide, with some special videos from the Inter players and "The Special One," Jose Mourniho. Happy Nerazzurri New Year!


Jose Mourinho, Please Shutup

Source During his press conference last Friday, Jose Mourinho created a stir with his comments towards loaned out striker Romelu Lukaku. "Romelu likes to speak. He's a young boy who...

Mourinho being Mourinho


Long story short: Mou says that Fat Ronaldo is the real Ronaldo (surprise, motherfudger!) and the tanned Ronaldo gets pissed before the Chelsea vs. Real Madrid friendly game. They must have had some fun times at Madrid, I guess.


Sure shot Title or not?! IBRA

Striker.... Ibra??! If we sign a striker we’ll win the league. We become super favorites for the title.As F.Perez says good players pay for themselves. Say we get Ibra for 15mil euro(12mil pounds)...


Can we have both Mourinho and Emenalo?

It's occurred to me that many people believe that should Mourinho return to Chelsea, Emenalo will be forced to leave. The assumption being that Mourinho left the first time round because he didn't...

Sahin dishes on Brendan Rogers, Mourinho and CR7


The Turkish international tells Spanish Daily "As" his time in Madrid would've gone differently had he stayed healthy.

Luka Modric saga still not over


It seems like Tottenham are still holding out for more money from Real Madrid, and Mourinho is reportedly considering alternative targets. That being said, this is from the Daily Fail, but the fact that a deal hasn't been announced yet might be enough evidence to suggest that the clubs are still trying to come to an agreement.

Xavi downplays Jose achievements


There isn't much I can say about this other than pose a few question for Xavi: "Xavi are you serious about these remarks?" "Is you really serious?" "or is you just alittle bitter?" "or is you just dumb?" With all jokes aside how can you question this man's accomplishments? really?


Benzema vs Higuain: A statistical Analysis

Hey guys, especially the mods/writers whomever does stats and so on. Since the rumors of Higuain's possible exit, I would beg one of you to write up a direct statistical comparison between our two...

Gabe from Managing Madrid answers our questions about Mourinho's men


Gabe from Managing Madrid provides insights into Villarreal's next opponent, Real Madrid. Not exactly the team we'd like to play next, but we have nothing to lose!

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