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NBA Draft Chronicles: 4/7

This is the first entry in what I plan on being a compalation of NBA draft news with a slant toward UCLA and Pac 10 coverage. I am a draft junky and follow these things personally, so I figured I...

DC, JS, PAA - Thanks for Everything


And so we close the book on 3 straight Final Fours as the Bruins lose to Villanova in the second round 89-69 (box score). It is a shame that our three seniors that have given their all for UCLA...

SURVIVE and Advance


Yes, the Bruins "survived" in every way that is possible staving off a last second shot by the media's Golden Boy Eric Maynor to win 65-64 (box score). The reward? A date with Villanova on Saturday...


The "Wrong Kind" of Leadership

Bumped. GO BRUINS. -N   Ok, it's been 2 days.  I think I'm ready to get back at it...  Reading Nestor's post today inspired this, but blame me if you disagree.   Leadership is a tough thing to...

Not Done Yet


Over the past few years, the Bruins have had their share of "must win" games. In the past, the Bruins have typically won such contests, but due to dropping a pair of road games last weekend, the...

Bruins Shred the trOJans


February 4th, 2009. I believe this will go down as one of the great days in Bruin history. First, Coach Rick Neuheisel imposes his Relentless Optimism on recruits and the rest of the Pac 10 in...


Patience, Patience, Patience

Bruin Nation urges patience following UCLA's basketball loss against Michigan.

Ben Ball Roundup: News & Notes


Lot of hoops related news out of Westwood yesterday. So we are going to do a Ben Ball specific roundup for this Hump day. The lead story of course is the return of Josh Shipp. Achilles already...

Josh Shipp Makes It Official


From the official site: UCLA forward Josh Shipp has signed paperwork to withdraw his name from the NBA Draft and will play his senior season for the Bruins, UCLA head basketball coach Ben...

Roundup From BN Walk: News, Notes & Quest(s) For Bru-103


We will start our Friday walk with our softball team, which is going to be back in action tomorrow evening at Easton. The Daily Bruin has a preview of Jelly (Anjelica Selden) and her team-mates q...

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