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Spaulding Roundup: Relentless Tenacity On The Recruiting Front


Eric Sondheimer from the LA Times notes the changing dynamic in LA's recruiting scene (HT ryebreadaz): There's an intriguing new dynamic surfacing in the USC-UCLA football recruiting rivalry.I...

Spaulding Roundup: More Names For The DC Search


Tom Dienhart from Yahoo! Sports injects some new names into CRN’s search for a new DC: Neuheisel in search mode With DeWayne Walker off to be coach at New Mexico State, UCLA needs a defensive...

Spaulding Roundup: A Deliberate DC Search/Huge Recruiting Weekend


Let’s start our roundup with a quick update on CRN’s search for a new DC. Not a lot of information coming out at this point (which I think is good news because I always appreciate a hiring process...

Spaulding Roundup: Coaching Notes


Some news and notes on the coaching front to pass on to close out this Friday. If anyone was wondering about the working relationship between CRN and DW Dohn served up this answer on his blog: H...

Kenny's Trojans About To Lose Another Recruit?


Another Trojan football recruit - Randall Caroll- waivers on his commitment to Pete Carroll as Trojan recruiting machine shows clear signs of slowing down.

Oh Oh, Cracks In Another Trojan Committment?


No wonder Kenny and Petey are sounding sooooooo desperate. Check out this comment from DeVon Flournoy, a Southern Cal commit who will take his official recruiting trip to UCLA on Jan. 9 (emphasis...

Simers Calls Out Kenny/Petey For "Wimping Out"


Bruin Nation continues to monitor all media developments around Ken Norton Jr's unsubstantiated attacks UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel.

[UPDATED] Coach Neuheisel Schools Kenny (Turns Him Into Petey's Poodle)


UCLA's Rick Neuheisel schools USC's Ken Norton Jr. and Pete Carroll on public relations.

Coach Neuheisel Response: Strongly Denies Ken Norton's Misinformation Campaign


I have been out and about. So haven't been paying attention to all the recruiting shenangians on the football front. And it looks like Ken Norton Jr. might have been up to some shenanigans. B...



From Newsday comes a story that reveals that former Canes safety Kenny Phillips will wear No. 21 this year to honor the late, great Sean Taylor, who wore that number for the Washington Redskins....

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