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Kentucky Seems Destined, Just Like Auburn

Football teams and basketball teams are hard to compare. But ironically, this year's Auburn football team and Kentucky basketball team are ditto.

Prospect Watch, Part One

A preview of the upcoming Champions Classic, which is going to be loaded with NBA talent.

Will Alex stay four years?


As I listened to Tom Leach, Mike Pratt and Matt Jones work the Blue/White scrimmage the other night, there were several comments about Alex Poythress and his “disappearing” act. He would make a...

Vanderbilt removes UK2GAY Kentucky shirts from online store


Update: These shirts may have been originally used in 2010. Either way, they're not available now. Unidentified Vanderbilt fans, presumably students, had created a T-shirt (right) for the...


Duke vs Kentucky Game Thread

Can we really call this a revenge game? Or a rivalry game? Regardless, be assured the media will be using both words plentifully tonight.



For a limited only Kentucky National Champion & NBA vet Walter McCarty is taking calls to chat hoops with the fans!!!! Visit http://www.callachamp.com/operator.html/12156/Walter-Mccarty Call directly 1 (888) 695-4543 Ext: 112156 Brought to you by Callachamp.com -the ultimate sports fan experience-

No Accountability at UCLA: How Chianti Dan's Failed Leadership Compares to College Basketball's Elites


On the eve of the NCAA tournament's title game, Bruins Nation starts the week off with a in-depth comparison of UCLA's basketball fortunes with that of the other elite programs of college...

What's wrong with college basketball? Y-O-U!


Yesterday at 4:24 PM | Back to Blog Posts | RSS " | Edit Post | Delete Post One need not not stray far from the bathroom mirror to see what's wrong with college basketball today... yeah, that's right, you! it's us, the fans, who have made college ball so irritating. since the very first recruiting newsletter was published i've watched grown men act ridiculous by trying to figure out what recruit is going where, and basing some semblence of real life on the outcome. stop it! then there's the mother teresa holier than thou types who all of a sudden think college is such a big deal for every young man, and NO MAN SHALL DENIGRATE the great holy tradition of a college education. yeah, right. i graduated sure but i know that college does not a man make... in fact it prolongs childhood for most coeds if nothing else. get over it people! ok calipari is having his day... so what? haven't you had yours? does everyone cheat when they beat your man to a recruit? sorry, i ain't buying it... real men understand your look and story as plain jealousy. and it doesn't behoove you to try and spin it into something sacred today (since you lost another boo-hoo recruit to the evil kentucky)... remember, i saw you laying drunk in the gutter for 3 years spewing and crying when the chi omega you worshiped dumped you again and again for the newest frat boy with a big...bank account. if you want to cry be a man about it. state facts as in who is cheating and how they are doing it. bettter yet, call it in to the ncaa... until then quit your fu*&ging whining and shoot the rock brick boy! oh you can't... that's right you always had your little baby blue fantasy boys do it for you. oh my! they are the most graduatinish and clean cut all american crybaby coached scammers with the best GPA in all of college basketball...oops that is until the dookies rolled in and played smash mouth with their SAT scores and string music in your face. ooh ahhhh...they're so fine (and did you know about their graduation rates?). they're smart. that's what it is all about. NOT. c'mon puuleese!?! play ball! stop trying to act like you know something you don't... it's basketball for god's sake! get a life. do coaches cheat? when they can get by with it. do recruiters cheat? they walk some very grey lines i'm sure. who the F cares? get a life and quit trying to live out your glory days with the team you love (and my god we all know they wouldn't think of cheating). i know you're hurt, so go tell your wife. education is good but it's not the holy grail. success takes more than your little peices of scrap paper boys. it takes MEN. grow up. EAT some BIG BLUE dust!

"C U KY!" One-and-doner John Wall's jersey's hilarious misspelling.


Just taking advantage of any chance to laugh at the Cats.

Rose’s Brother Stows Away Repeatedly, Voids Calipari Final Four Season


For most, traveling by chartered plane is a luxury, for some it is routine, and for fewer still it is an obsession. For the Memphis Tigers’ 2008 breakout point guard’s brother, Reggie, it was the latter. Unfortunately for John Calipari and UM, as far as the NCAA is concerned, that excuse doesn’t fly when it comes to violations.

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