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Forcier or Craft?

The question of the day - and of the last few weeks - is what to do about the quarterback situation. We've all had our moments (including CRN, and probably Chow at some point) of wanting Craft...


Why Craft Looks Good In The Two Minute Drill

Quick analysis on Bruin QB - Kevin Craft's - ability to perform well during crunch time.

Comeback Kids: Stanford Postgame Thread

Not much time here to put this up, but fortunately not much needs to be said at the moment. via d.yimg.com BIG win for the Bruins! There will be plenty of time for dissection, but I've got a...

The Power Of Relentless Optimism


And folks thought ... that was just some kind of shallow words ... from our prodigal son. I really don't know where to start? We have heard the snickering, lampooning, sneers ... from all over...

Spaulding Roundup: (Craft) Making An Impression


So it sounds like there has been some movement in quarterback competition. According to the press reports Craft has stepped up. He is making an impression on the coaching staff earning more reps....

Spaulding Roundup: Finding The Right Combination


Practice keeps humming along over at Spaulding. Given all the question marks around our offense most of the news is coming from that front and from what I am reading in the papers, it seems like...

Spaulding Roundup: We Are Going To Be Allright


So on the second day after Ben Olson went down at Spaulding the Bruins had a sluggish day on offense (or a dominating one on defense from another pov). The sloppy offensive performance (to start...

Pushing Forward At Spaulding: Wide Open QB Competition


Before we move on to what looks like a wide open QB competition let’s make a note of Olson’s comments following another disappointing set back: "It's definitely been tough," Olson said. "You're...

New Quarterback for UCLA In 08: Olson Out For 8 Weeks


Looks like Neuheisel and Chow have some new (and dramatic) information to work with. Hot off Dohn's blog: UCLA quarterback Ben Olson will miss at least eight weeks after breaking the fifth...

Spaulding Roundup: A Time To Chill


Allow me to start this Sunday with a story I heard from a good buddy of mine during last football season. Apparently last year after Utah humiliated UCLA in a game in which Olson was bruised and...

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