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2014 NBA Draft Day Open Thread


Talk trades, rumors, draft

The Downstroke - Ep. 13: History Being Made


In this episode we are breaking down barriers and building bridges! We have Greg Wissinger from Sactown Royalty and Zebulun Benbrook from Welcome to Loud City.

Should the Sixers Pursue Kevin Love?


Kevin Love is a tremendous, franchise player, but the Sixers would lose a lot in trading for him. Should they attempt to make a blockbuster, or will Love lead them back to the drawing board?


Valentine's day - Share the 'Love'

via static03.mediaite.com Just for fun, three theoretical trades for Kevin 'Love' Trade 1: http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=k7dzx6c Boston gets: Kevin Love Dennis Schroder B...

Kevin Love's sexual 'reading' of Dr. Seuss' 'The Cat in the Hat.' Tebow: Green Eggssss and Ham


On Tuesday, Twin Cities Public Television posted a YouTube video of Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love reading Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat. The video is part of Read Across America Day,...

Sixers-Wolves Preview


It's like looking in a mirror, half the time.

NBA Player Ranks: Love #7, Westbrook #9


Two Bruins make the Top 10 in the 2012 NBA Player Rankings conducted by ESPN. Losing in 2008 seems to hurt more and more every year.

CBSsports.com's Eye On Basketball NBA Elite 100


Kevin Love comes in at number 8. "It starts with the rebounding, of course. He's either the first- or second-best overall rebounder in the game (depending on how you feel about Dwight Howard), and he's the best offensive rebounder. But the development last season that helped launch Love into MVP contention was his transformed body and improved overall offensive game. Shedding weight and improving his quickness, Love was used all over the court by new coach Rick Adelman, who replaced Kurt Rambis. Encouraged to bomb away from deep, Love attempted more than five 3-pointers a game, knocking down 37.2 percent. Those are astonishing numbers for a 6-foot-10 player best known previously for banging in the paint. But Love didn't go soft here. Instead, he got to the free throw line a career-high 8.4 times per game, good for second in the league behind Howard. The difference: Love knocked down 82.4 percent of his shots compared to Howard's 49.1 percent, making him a late-game weapon from the stripe rather than a Hack-a-Love liability."

For old times' shake Wesley, you will be missed.

For old times' shake Wesley, you will be missed.

Donatas scares 'Wolves


Donatas scares 'Wolves

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