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TNT Show "Southland": You All Should Watch It

The show is called Southland. One of the huge focus of this show (TNT) is a university called "SULA" which is in a certain neighborhood. In this particular episode it is around the murder of a woman named "Nicole" who is track star at the University. She was murdered. She was dating the University's star line backer "Tyler Prescott." Assault charges were filed against him but the charges were dropped. Just watch the episode (linked above). I am pretty sure it will get you curious enough to track all the other shows on TNT. GO BRUINS.

LA Times: USC's coming day in 'court' probably won't be pleasant

The Trogans are going in front of the NCAA tomorrow (Thursday) in a closed hotel conference room in Tempe, Arizona. Lance Pugmire and Gary Klein put together a little preview of the protocol by interviewing other schools' administrators who have previously been on the "hot seat."

Epic quote about Monte Kiffin

"Monte Kiffin has been very persistent. He’s probably been in here more than is legal. Of course they don’t pay attention to the rules." -- From Charles Loveless, Frostproof HS (Georgia) AD speaking about their star recruit Nickell Robey. Hat-tip to SI's Stewart Mandel's twitter.

What does "USC Marketing" Stand For?

If you're a lying sack of crap like Scott Schenter, a man who has registered a domain name like "4joemcknight.com" despite having allegedly little to do with the player, it means "United States China Marketing". These are some incredibly poor quality lies. Are they even trying anymore?

Sample Tries to Avoid Getting Tagged With Lack of Institutional Control; Quits

(I actually don't recommend clicking through, as it gives them hits to their website, and it delays their inevitable demise. I've provided the fun stuff here) Emphasis/Fact Editing Mine: "Sample's time was marked both by tumult and achievement...(one) national football (championship) and a new basketball arena but also scandals involving academic fraud by athletes; improvements in nearby neighborhoods, along with street crimes against students." "Why not quit while you're ahead?" Why indeed...

Damage Control: U$C* Caves Into PR Pressure, FINALLY Issues A Statement On Investigations

Looks like the SuCsters are in full damage control mode. After remaining silent for months (if not years) they have finally issued a wishy-washy statement in response to the overwhelming national interest in the blockbuster allegations that have rocked its major programs. The PR polished/tested statement doesn't tell us anything new. GO BRUINS.

A TrOJan Fantasy

Remember that story from NYT? I think someone blogged it here on BN. It was kind of hilarious back then and it's even more amusing today. GO BRUINS.

(Another) Possible SC Violation

Dohn reporting that Cheaty Petey went to see a HS player one too many times this year - a player that both the Bruins and Trojans have offered.

Tentative Ruling In Reggie Bush Case (Lake v. Griffin)

By now, perhaps there has been a final ruling. But the tentative ruling by the court was to deny the motion to compel arbitration on the grounds that there was no evidence that the plaintiff (Lake) was at all a party to the arbitration agreement. If the tentative ruling holds, it means that the case will continue to be in court and it will be difficult for the Bush side to keep whatever information that comes out from the NCAA. In a victory for the Bush side (Griffin), however, the court denied the plaintiff's request for further responses to additional interrogatories and sanctioned the plaintiff $2,720. The request for further responses was deemed untimely and there was a failure to properly meet and confer. I assume the sanctions were for abuse of the discovery process by the plaintiff.

More Problems w SuC Football: Coach Arrested, Player Dismissed

More problems in Pom Pom's program. An assistant coach "takes leave" after getting arrested 'on suspicion of driving under the influence of prescription drugs.' Sad. And another player gets kicked off the team for being too dumb, even for U$C.

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