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WaPo- USC's Kiffin and Carroll are the best - at circumventing the rules


Nothing new here, but nonetheless, a quick, fun read for a few laughs at $c's expense.

Dillon Baxter left out of Oregon State game due to agent related issues


Just ICYMI Hello Kiffin left Baxter behind in LA for Southern Cal's Oregon State trip "while a compliance issue" is "being sorted out." Per the Trojan Times "Baxter accepted a ride in a golf cart on campus, only to find out later that one of the people in the cart might be a sports agent." GO BRUINS.

NCAA continues to investigate Hello Kiffin ...


... for all his (alleged) cheating in Tennessee. They just had a sit down with Kiffin's brother in law. GO BRUINS.

Trogans Find Something To Fight For This Season


One kitten's leadership is another's aggravated assult.

Fun column taking a dig at u$c*


Article from the SF Chronicle by Scott Ostler titled "With Kiffin, USC is Ugly Snark College" My favorite line: "I hear even O.J. Simpson is worried that Kiffin will tarnish the Trojans' image."

For sale on EBay: Lane Kiffin VOODOOley Doll


If anyone here is interesting in bidding here is a little description: This is the FIRST in a series of custom-made Voo Doo dolls in the likeness of ex-Tennessee Vol coach Lane Kiffin. This is as close to a Creole-style VooDoo Doll that are now made in Haiti and New Orleans. Each doll in the series will differ slightly, however will have the following attributes: 1. A "Mr. Bill" wide-open mouth reflective of Kiffin’s big mouth. 2. A right-ear only headset with mic to his lips so he can ask Daddy for help. 3. Some future models will feature a Pinocchio-looking nose..mmm Vol Fans? 4. All Lane Kiffin models will feature a USC Belly Shirt, with the exposed painted "yellow belly" and a yellow streak down his back. GO BRUINS.

EDSBS is on top of it


First, The Onion breaks the story, now EDSBS has uncovered the cold hard facts

The Onion: "Lane Kiffin Leaves U$C* For Dream Job At GameStop"


The Onion calls em like I see em: "Before leaving the press conference, Kiffin told reporters that, while he is committed to GameStop, his heart will always belong to the Beverly Center Sunglass Hut." -The Onion

Hello Kiffin...Will the REAL weasel please stand-up?


About half-way down in this read on the WWL is great coverage calling-out both Hello Kiffin and Ogre as the "seediest weasels in college sports"...Enjoy

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