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National Media Begins to Notice that Lane Kiffin Is Immature


WSJ notes that Kiffin is acting like a spoiled, petulant child.

Kitten "Discipline": Hello Kiffin Doesn't Appreciate Tyler's "Humor"


I guess $c won't be breakin bread with Marc Tyler for at least one game.

Drunken 'SC running back Marc Tyler with moment of goofiness (or truthfulness) w/ TMZ


Highlight. Q. "Do you guys get paid more at USC or...in pros?" Marc Tyler: "USC. They breakin' bread!"

WaPo- USC's Kiffin and Carroll are the best - at circumventing the rules


Nothing new here, but nonetheless, a quick, fun read for a few laughs at $c's expense.

Dillon Baxter left out of Oregon State game due to agent related issues


Just ICYMI Hello Kiffin left Baxter behind in LA for Southern Cal's Oregon State trip "while a compliance issue" is "being sorted out." Per the Trojan Times "Baxter accepted a ride in a golf cart on campus, only to find out later that one of the people in the cart might be a sports agent." GO BRUINS.

NCAA continues to investigate Hello Kiffin ...


... for all his (alleged) cheating in Tennessee. They just had a sit down with Kiffin's brother in law. GO BRUINS.

Trogans Find Something To Fight For This Season


One kitten's leadership is another's aggravated assult.

12 Ways Lame Can Spend His Salary


This article is FUNNY! One of my personal favorites: "4. Increase the cup size of every USC song girl. I know, I know, the average USC song girl is already a D cup, but why stop there? If Heidi Pratt's goal is to be an H cup for Heidi, then why can't USC's girls shoot for the heretofore unimaginable U cup? Lane Kiffin can make this happen. (And if he can't do that, he can lobby for Layla to receive honorary song girl status. Or at least the outfit)." LOL!

Fun column taking a dig at u$c*


Article from the SF Chronicle by Scott Ostler titled "With Kiffin, USC is Ugly Snark College" My favorite line: "I hear even O.J. Simpson is worried that Kiffin will tarnish the Trojans' image."

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