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Moving On: Why UCLA Needs to Change the Football Regime Now


More arguments on why UCLA must change it's football regime this season.


Dan Patrick/Pat Forde: UCLA Must Change Coaches, Culture

National media observers such as Dan Patrick and Pat Forde affirm BruinsNation's arguments for a total culture and regime change in UCLA football.

[Update] Vote Of No Confidence for UCLA Football: Announced Homecoming Attendance: 55,604


The announced attendance for yesterday's game 55,604. According to the LA Times linked above that is UCLA's smallest crowd for a game against California since 2003, when the game drew 53,825. What is even more telling is that I would guess there were about 10-15,000 Cal fans at the Rose Bowl. So we are looking at around 45,000 or less Bruin fans at our own homecoming game. One can easily infer that as a serious vote of no confidence from the entire Bruin Nation re. the direction of our football program. GO BRUINS. Update (BN Eds): Bruin great Charles Arbuckle, who is also a college football analyst for ESPNU, retweeted this fanshot. Good to see we are not the only ones who are concerned about this.


Fox Sports Highlights Unhappy U.C.L.A. Alums & #OccupyUCLAAthletics

Highlights of a FoxSports.com article featuring UCLA alums unhappy and deeply frustrated with the state of the football program.

UCLA Football Suffers Another Failure Under Dan Guerrero


Another black eye for UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero as ugly graduation statistics further embarrasses his imploding football program.

Digital Firestorm Engulfing Embattled UCLA Football Across Multiple Web Platforms


Digital firestorm is engulfing the UCLA administration as outraged alums, students and fans tee off on their frustrations about the imploding Bruin football program.

Checkmate for Neuheisel: On Field Results Rest of this UCLA Season Will Not Matter


No matter what happens rest of 2011 UCLA football season, Bruins Nation will still want a wholesale regime change in Westwood featuring a new athletic director and a new football coach.


NEW Letter, Email Thread: My Letter to Chancellor Block

Fresh thread on BruinsNation where alums, students and season ticket holders are sharing the notes they are sending to Chancellor Gene Block expressing their frustrations about the UCLA football...


#OccupyUCLAAD LAUNCHED: Our Website is Live

www.occupyuclaathletics.com is launched by UCLA fans.


ACTION: Sign Our Petition to Chancellor Block: Fire Guerrero, Fire Neuheisel

Online petition has been launched by members of BruinsNation asking UCLA Chancellor Gene Block to fire athletic director Dan Guerrero and head football coach Rick Neuheisel.

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