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Bad Business: Charging Students For Pauley Opening


Once again to no one’s surprise Dan Guerrero’s incompetent athletic department makes a tone-deaf and bad business decision to charge students for attendance at new Pauley’s opening night festivities.

No Communication From UCLA on Pauley Renovation

A student doesn't even know what Pauley Pavilion is despite a $135 million renovation. That's another strike against the athletic department.

Bamboozlement from Westwood: Dan Guerrero’s Delusional "Blog" (Episode 4)


As UCLA football and basketball programs continue to implode and get flushed down the toilet, athletic director Dan Guerrero sends out more delusional notes in total denial of his burnt down programs.

#SFatPauley - Guerrero Officially Surrenders to BN

A huge victory for UCLA students in BruinsNation, as athletic director Dan Guerrero officially caves to weeks of intense campaign to save students' sideline seats at Pauley.

#SFatPauley: Joshua Smith Wants Student Sideline Seats, Campus Unity, BN Extends Facebook Ad Campaign


Updates from ongoing campaign effort to save UCLA students' side seating at Pauley Pavilion.

UCLA Struck It Rich With Pac-10 Deal, But What Will Money Be Spent On?


UCLA will receive million dollars more than ever before as part of the new Pac-12 TV deal, but will the athletic department spend it wisely and build up an beleaguered department?

#SFatPauley: Redemption for U.C.L.A. Students >> A NO Vote to Preserve Courtside Seating at Pauley


BruinsNation urges all UCLA students to cast a NO Vote in upcoming student elections on campus on the question as to whether UCLA athletics should end a 40+ year old tradition of court-side seating...

#SFatPauley - BruinsNation Launches Facebook Ad Campaign to Restore Students’ Courtside Seating


BruinsNation launch a methodical Facebook advertisement aimed at UCLA students in an effort to restore their court-side seating arrangement at the historic Pauley Pavilion.

#SFatPauley – Concerns about UCLA’s Efforts to "Fix" The Student Seating Vote


As UCLA students get set to vote on a misguided seating arrangement proposed by UCLA athletics, concerns are expressed about the process around the elections.

#SFatPauley: More of the Same from the Daily Pravda


Bruins Nation exposes the campus newspaper for not asking hard questions of the Athletic Department regarding their underhanded plan to take away the traditional student section at Pauley Pavilion

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