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The Secret Planning Meeting for the "New" Pauley...

It's 9 am and Chianti Dan is pouring himself his third Bordeaux of the morning. A knock on the door, and his trusty assistant, Chancellor Block, comes into the office. "You rang, sire?" Block...


Had a Tour of New Pauley Today

As a season ticket holder, I was offered the opportunity to take a tour of Pauley Pavilion today and went to see where my seats would be and just how the new stadium looked. The seats have not been...


National Media Including ESPN Take Note of #SFatPauley

Unlike the lazy and incompetent local UCLA beat reporters, national media took note of students and alums to save the sideline student section at Pauley.


A Rocking Student Section Would Help With UCLA's Revenue Issues

Brainstorming post on how to to energize UCLA's student section, which in turn would help with UCLA's revenue related issues.


"Let Him Who Desires Peace Prepare for War": An "L"-Shaped Goal

Thoughts on why BrunsNation prefers an "L shaped" student section around the court-side of renovated Pauley Pavilion.


#SFatPauley - Instructions for UCLA Students: How to Vote No on Seating Plan

Step by step instructions for UCLA students on how to Vote No on Pauley "Seating Plan" that takes away students' court-side seats.


#SFatPauley: Den Leader Thinks His Chosen Elite Should Decide Future Seating for all Future Bruins

Bruins Nation hits out at student "leaders" who think they should be the only ones that should decide the student seating section at Pauley Pavilion.


#SFatPauley: The Power Of The Student Section

Another argument on why UCLA needs to restore court side seating for students at Pauley.


#SFatPauley - A Brief History of the Pauley Pavilion Renovation

A thorough breakdown of the historical timeline of UCLA's Pauley renovation efforts which has turned into a boondoggle. Also update on petition to restore student seating back to the sidelines,...


#SFatPauley: Bruin Students/Alum Target UCLA AD - Launch Petition to Restore Students' Sideline Seats

Bruin Students and alum target UCLA Athletics Department - Launch petition demanding restoration of student's sideline seating.

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