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Pete Carroll Era Losers Thugaluga and Stone Hands Colbert Continue to Sound Stupid on Twitter


Bruins Nation fires back at a pair of Trojan losers who are secretly staking/lurking their rival's blog.

Pete Carroll's Losers, Keary Colbert & Rey Maualuga, Come Unhinged After NCAA Denies Trojan Appeal


Bruins Nation fires back at a pair of Pete Carroll's loser former football players who made pathetic attempts to take a shot at Bruins Nation for reporting the NCAA taking U$C behind the woodshed.

Spaulding Roundup: Walker/SDSU Watch & Other Notes


The San Diego Union Tribune has the list of three finalists for the SDSU head coach job: Here are your three finalists to become the new San Diego State football coach: Ball State coach Brady...

Spaulding Roundup: Game Notes & Pom Pom's Humanitarian (Jersey) Gesture


We will start our Tuesday roundup focusing on the positive. Kevin Pearson from the Press Enterprise has a report on Bruin Defense, which has been rolling in its last two games: "Right now we're...

Additional Big Picture Thoughts After Saturday


Before we pivot to Arizona I wanted to get few more thoughts out of the way and throw up for discussion re. Saturday’s game, so that we can look to Arizona game with somewhat of a clean slate. I...

No Rush Re. Home & Home Jersey


I wrote in last post about Neuheisel not giving his peers in the Pac-10 anything to work with. Obviously lot of people in this town are already obsessed over the Neuheisel v. Carroll angle. ...

Dose of Reality II: Conspiracy Theory & Calibration


Can we please get rid of the conspiracy theories wrt to some kind of BN ploy to lower expectations for next season? From a comment in response to the previous post providing a dose of reality: I...

"Day of Reckoning" For Southern Cal?


From the blog of Paul Oberjuerge (heavily excerpted because ... well ... just read through it, you will understand ... and emphasis added): From the limited time I spent with the Trojans last...

Roundup From BN Walk: News & Notes


Time for our Humpday walk and we will start with some good news from the diamonds. The baseball team pulled of a huge win against UCI: With his Bruin team in a jam in the bottom of the ninth,...



Bruin Nation's third update on the reports/stories of allegations of scandals coming out of University of Southern California.

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