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Reggie Bush's refusal to pay $3.2M may cost him his Heisman & Pete Carroll his coaching legacy

Finally(!) the turning point in the NCAA investigation into the USC football program is here. Yesterday San Diego County Superior Court Judge Steven R. Denton ordered Reggie Bush to give a deposition under oath on April 23 as part of a civil suit filed against him by a former sports marketing agent. Why is that the turning point? Because the man suing Bush, Lloyd Lake, claims to have financial documents and audio tapes that prove Bush took improper benefits from him and his company worth $291,000 while Bush was still at USC. Full breakdown by SportsByBooks over here. GO BRUINS.

Focusing On "Institutional Control" (Or Lack There Of)


Let's get back to the latest bomb shell scandal out of Troy because this will be the story of the day (if not of the week) in the entire sports world. The story is big enough that even the LA Times...


Shocking Development: Sidney Will Not Play Basketball At Southern Cal

Well shocking only to those who have zero clue about college basketball. LAT reports on a story that shouldn't be a suprise to anyone on BN: Renardo Sidney, the basketball All-American from L.A....


The New York Times: U.S.C. Could Face One Big Problem

Katie Thomas reports from the paper of record (emphasis added throughout): A report that the N.C.A.A. has merged its inquiries into two former star athletes for the University of Southern...


Trouble Brewing at SC

Apparently, the NCAA (yeah, I know) is possibly taking a harder look at the numerous alleged violations over at South Central. Here's the link and excerpt from my favorite paper, the Incredibly...

[UPDATED] Coach Neuheisel Schools Kenny (Turns Him Into Petey's Poodle)


UCLA's Rick Neuheisel schools USC's Ken Norton Jr. and Pete Carroll on public relations.


Pom Pom Eying San Francisco

Jon Wilner (the San Jose Mercury News) is picking up hot and heavy chatter re. Pom Pom eying the Forty Niners' gig: * I heard that in order for Carroll to seriously consider the Niners job, the...


Bush Looking To Settle Case (Which Might Bury NCAA's 'Investigation')

This news came out last week while I was away. Scanning through the fanposts section looks like most of you missed it. If you haven't heard it Reggie "House" Bush has gotten a new legal team, that...

Tentative Ruling In Reggie Bush Case (Lake v. Griffin)


By now, perhaps there has been a final ruling. But the tentative ruling by the court was to deny the motion to compel arbitration on the grounds that there was no evidence that the plaintiff (Lake) was at all a party to the arbitration agreement. If the tentative ruling holds, it means that the case will continue to be in court and it will be difficult for the Bush side to keep whatever information that comes out from the NCAA. In a victory for the Bush side (Griffin), however, the court denied the plaintiff's request for further responses to additional interrogatories and sanctioned the plaintiff $2,720. The request for further responses was deemed untimely and there was a failure to properly meet and confer. I assume the sanctions were for abuse of the discovery process by the plaintiff.



Bruin Nation's third update on the reports/stories of allegations of scandals coming out of University of Southern California.

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