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Trojan Media Apologists' Feelings Are Hurt

Trojan apologists in the Southern California’s mainstream media outlets get their feelings hurt when members of media are called out for their revisionism on Southern Cal’s NCAA violations.

T.J. Simers Out at the LA Times?

Amid speculation, LA sports fan can only hope that the rumors of the professional troll being ousted at the LA Times, are true.


2011 UCLA Coaching Search: Media Moron – Ramona Shelburne (ESPNLA) Edition

Zeroing in on a specific case of utterly ignorant or misinformed analysis on the situation around UCLA football coaching search, this time focusing on Ramona Shelburne of ESPNLA.


Notes on ESPN’s Dishonesty & Ethics (Or Lack Thereof)

ESPN once again exposes itself as a network without any ethics as it attempts to land a pathetic smear/hit on UCLA.


This Week in Concern Trolling: Maya & Foster’s Hackery

Chris Foster and Adam Maya respectively of the LA Times and the OC Register continue to set bad examples of hackery, cementing themselves as joke reporters covering UCLA football.


The Trojan Times Latest Hit Job on UCLA: Recycle Stale Chow Story w/o Context

The mouth piece of Southern Cal's PR department - the Los Angeles Times (aka the Trojan Times) - polishes up stale Norm Chow news to set up snarky hit jobs on UCLA football.

Concern Trolling: Times Writers Struggle to Use Their Brains


Debunking recruiting nonsense regarding UCLA football in the LA Times.


Re. Foster’s (LA Times) Hackish & Dishonest Reporting On UCLA

More cheap shots from the LA Times "UCLA beat reporter" on UCLA.

VOTE: Who is the most incompetent reporter covering UCLA football in LA's traditional media?


Here is your chance to vote. If you think someone else should be in that list, chime in here in the comment threads. GO BRUINS.


Pushback Againts LA's Bruin Hating Tradmed Via Facebook/Twitter

Appeals to UCLA community to boost Bruin Nation's social networking outposts on Facebook and on Twitter.

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