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About Pac-12's Horrible Officiating Problem

Great post from UCLA_beer&mathematics on Pac-12's horrible officiating problems.


About Those Scab NFL Refs - Some of Them are SPTRs

Hey everyone! As freesia said this am welcome to BN 3.0! I am sure it will take all of us to get up to speed and sync up with our news toys in this platform. But I can assure you once we all get...


Pac-12 Begins Football Officiating Overhaul With 11 Pink Slips

The Pac-10 announced that when the conference expands to 12 teams they will do so with 11 officials who were fired and 16 new officials as part of the conference's officiating overhaul.

NY Post: Pac-10 refs cost St. John's against UCLA


New York Post sportswriter thinks the refs were biased against Big East-style play, conveniently forgets the 47 hacks against Josh Smith that weren't called.

OT: SPTRs strike again. Outside of the PAC-10.


I happened to be in Kentucky visiting some friends and ended up going to the game between WKU and Houston last night. The game was pretty entertaining and could have had one of the best finishes I've seen had it not been for the officiating. After watching tons of PAC-10 games, something about the officiating felt very familiar to me. One of the officials makes a phantom foul call and proceeds to call a technical foul on WKU, which handed the victory to Houston after WKU tied the game. After doing a little research I found out that the official that made the call was none other than one our own SPTRs, Bill Kennedy. I have to thank the guy for making me feel at home and once again showing another part of the country how bad our "referees" truly are. Take a look at the comments people have made on the link provided. It truly doesn't look good for our conference when we have these guys officiating our games.


I expect an apology

After reading about the tie breakers for the PAC-10 regular season championship and with the ASU loss still an open wound in my mind, I think that our seniors deserve an apology.


A Look into the numbers: why do we win or lose?

A blogger from Bruins Nation provides statistical perspective on UCLA basketball's wins and losses this season and picks up on some trends including effects of mediocre Pac-10 referees.


SPTRs and Brockman

I think PAA is glad he's done playing Washington. After last season's ball to the face and a bloody forehead during this season's trip to Seattle, Aboya got away fairly unscathed, getting an elbow...



Not to flog a dead horse regarding the SPTRs last night...but there's some interest in some of the previous calls by the SPTRs. Here's the video of the no-call on Harden plus the blocking foul...

Defensive Thoughts


About two weeks ago we talked about the simple principles of Ben Ball: defense and rebounding. I will get to the last minute call against DC below but I think we all need to acknowledge up front...

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