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Alford's PG failures leaves UCLA with JuCo option

Hyped as an ace recruiter who will lock down California, Steve Alford's repeated failures to land a top point guard leaves U.C.L.A. to try the JuCO transfer route, a strategy which has not worked for the Bruins before.

Alford is "Fatigued and Irritated" by Recruiting

Per ESPN Steve Alford is whining about having to work hard on the recruiting trail (while he has nothing to show for his "efforts" to date).

Sporting News agrees, we should have brought pitchforks.

So it’s impossible to imagine UCLA was expecting open arms. They had to be pleased if there were no torches and pitchforks.

The Sporting News.

BUSTED: Chianti Exposed in the LAT re. Alford?

Dan Guerrero and Steve Alford reportedly offered conflicting statements whether Alford was questioned about disturbing background in Iowa.

Alford Accepts Blame. Why Doesn't Guerrero?

UCLA AD Dan Guerrero lets Steve Alford take all the responsibility for the mounting controversy over his checkered past and controversial hiring, but cowardly avoids any responsibility for the mess himself.

Alford Finally Apologizes For His Tonedeaf Remarks

After (rightfully) getting eviscerated by the UCLA community and mocked nationally for his comments re. Pierre Pierce incidents in Iowa, Steve Alford FINALLY issued a prepared statement to apologize the UCLA community:

Already Lagging Behind Just$C Basketball?

Southern Cal's Enfield appears to be putting together a more attractive staff (for recruits in Southern California) compared to Steve Alford's lackluster staff at UCLA.

Alford Staff Covered Up Another Pierce Incident?

New report comes out that asserts that staff of Iowa Basketball's program covered up another incident concerning Pierre Pierce.

No Remorse From Alford For His Dark Past in Iowa

UCLA’s new head coach Steve Alford was asked about his involvement in the disturbing Pierre Pierce saga in Iowa. He offered no apology and took no responsibility for actions.

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