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Larry Brown Sports: Bruins Nation Leads Charge Against UCLA Student Section Being Moved


The Larry Brown Sports blog has a good read on the effort to save sideline seats for UCLA students (link above). ESPNLA also noted the involvement of this community and the Facebook group started by UCLA14. No mention of the huge online movement uniting students and alums against Morgan Center anywhere in the LA Times, the Daily News and the Daily Bruin.

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Sorry For All the Football from Fox Sports 1


Do you dream of bathing in an unending wave of college football goodness? Do you ever feel like you just see too much of your girlfriend, the sun or your Jack Russell, Bo?  If so, do we have...

[Update - VOTE NO] #SFatPauley: Student Seating Advisory Vote Facebook Event


Students! Please vote to restore the sideline seats at the Renovated Pauley Pavilion! Voting begins on Monday for USAC as well as advisory votes (including the vote requested by the Den regarding the student seating situation in Pauley). Invite your friends and show the Morgan Center the true opinion of the students! UPDATE (BN): If you have a Twitter account please get the word out to this all UCLA students by tweeting the following: MT @BruinNation Join the Facebook event for #UCLA Students - VOTE 2 Restore Court-side Den Seating http://on.fb.me/lPUjCU #SFatPauley UPDATE II (BN): The text of the ballot has been posted in the FB event. The choice students should know by now is simple. VOTE NO - tell Morgan Center not to touch sideline seats at Pauley.

Students to Vote on Den seating


From today's Daily Bruin: "The council voted to add two advisory votes to the upcoming elections ballot. One, proposed by the Den, addresses relocating the student section of the gym from the north side to the east side, behind the basketball hoop. "

#SFatPauley - Pauley Pavillion Virtual Tour


Looks like the interactive virtual tour of the "new" pauley is up. There is pricing information of all the seats including the section that was unjustifiably taken from the UCLA Students.

#SFatPauley: UCLA hides all Pauley related comments from Facebook


Once again UCLA Athletics has taken the wimpy route of deleting bumping off all comments imploring them to restore court side seating for students. They are trying desperately to hide those comments. If your comments were deleted bumped off by Morgan Center, repost it here again. Do not relent. Once you post it there crosspost it in the comment threads here or here.

#SFatPauley: Use Facebook to Show Your Displeasure of the Student Section in New Pauley


You can post your displeasure on the UCLA Athletics Facebook page. Click on the link above and share your thoughts. I just posted! Let's flood the page with how we feel! Update (BN Eds): Comments from BNers are already flooding UCLA Athletics' Facebook page. Please pile on by going to the link above. Update 2 (BN Eds): UCLA athletics just posted an update saying "Thanks for the feedback Bruins. Your comments have been forwarded to the appropriate individuals," and then they bumped all of your comments off their frontpage. This is a clear attempt to shove the comments and not paying any attention to it. If you have not shared your feedback yet, make sure you keep piling on. Don't stop.

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