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u$c=Cheaters, Cheaters, and oh yeah, More Cheaters


ahhh, it appears that the last minute "announcement" of one of the coaches on u$c's staff resigning is really, much ado about something.... Looks like the glorified community college across town, and Captain Kiffy, may have some more explaining to do...Hmm I wonder where all those "Talented" LA Times sports journalists are on this...haha, I don't think I could keep a straight face through that thought. GO BRUINS!!!

OU Wants Nothing To Do With SUC's Vacated Title


Bob Stoops says Oklahoma won't attempt to claim the now vacant BCS title from the Trogans' glorious No-Peat era. Seems like a classy move in contrast to the Trogans' penchant for claiming mythical championships they supposedly "won" sometime in the Stone Age.

GREAT article on Institutional control


Written by a guest writer for the Barking Carnival in reaction to Jim Tressell's ignomious departure from OSU, this piece absolutely shreds any arguments put forth by those clowns across town that 'it's impossible to keep track of 85 guys'

BCS to Decide on Trogans' Illegitimate Title


Now that the Trogans' ridiculous and flimsy appeal has finally been rejected, their single title in the Cheatey Petey era is now under siege, with the decision to come "sooner rather than later". Whine On!

Somebody broke into the $UC Compliance** Office


Supposedly all that was taken was an employee's debit card, which was promptly cancelled after a short spending spree. I wonder what the real motive was, and who did it...........

Coach Ogre Also Being Investigated For UT Recruiting Violations


Not a big surprise, considering the news about Lame's violations. Ironically, the incident that triggered this involved one of our recent transfers, Brandon Willis, who arrived via UT and UNC.

ESPN: Agents still roaming around southern cal


Despite getting dinged with a 2 year bowl ban, loss of 30 scholarships, and 4 years of probation, looks like southern cal may still be up to their old shenanigans. Dillon Baxter has been suspended indefinitely after accepting a golf cart ride from a NFLPA-certified agent, and current student, Teague Egan. On his company's website, his bio describes how he has "befriended many athletes on the USC football team". southern cal has sent the NCAA an appeal to get Baxter reinstated, claiming they acted "proactively and quickly". LOL.

Dillon Baxter left out of Oregon State game due to agent related issues


Just ICYMI Hello Kiffin left Baxter behind in LA for Southern Cal's Oregon State trip "while a compliance issue" is "being sorted out." Per the Trojan Times "Baxter accepted a ride in a golf cart on campus, only to find out later that one of the people in the cart might be a sports agent." GO BRUINS.

Five years ago on the WWL: Puff piece on Bu$h, "just a regular college kid"


"This is going to sound cheesy, but I'm going to say it anyway: He's just a regular college kid." I love how stupid this article has been exposed to be in light of recent events.

Brian Cushing Blames Positive Steroid Test on Reasons Beyond "The Regular Medical Doctor."


Maybe the tooth fairy made Cushing test positive. Typical U$C* arrogance. Thinking people will believe what they are shoveling.

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