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Trogan LB Simione Vehikite ordered to serve a year in jail


Southern Cal linebacker Simione Vehikite was ordered to serve a year in jail after facing four felony counts: leaving the scene of an accident; driving under the influence causing injury; driving with a .08% blood alcohol level and causing injury; and identity theft. I am sure it had taken Kiffin less than 10 minutes to figure out Vehikite was a classic Trogan. GO BRUINS.

Trogan frat bro seeks legal advice on CraigsList


One of the funniest Trogan related post I have ever read online. The content may be considered NSFW. Also, pay close attention to the "law firm" mentioned in the email exchange. I guess it is relevant with the Super Bowl being tomorrow. Anyway, enjoy the read. Let's imagine what ucla7477 can do with this. GO BRUINS.

More Classy Trogan Behavior


Spoiled Children really don't get it do they?

Southern Cal boots Dillon Baxter off the team to 'focus on academics'


Guess in Senora Ross is getting a new student. In all seriousness, Baxter is probably done over there and will be transferring somewhere else. Of course we are not in any position to make fun of another program for not developing blue chip talents because ... well I don't really need to explain that in his fanshot ... do I? GO BRUINS.

u$c=Cheaters, Cheaters, and oh yeah, More Cheaters


ahhh, it appears that the last minute "announcement" of one of the coaches on u$c's staff resigning is really, much ado about something.... Looks like the glorified community college across town, and Captain Kiffy, may have some more explaining to do...Hmm I wonder where all those "Talented" LA Times sports journalists are on this...haha, I don't think I could keep a straight face through that thought. GO BRUINS!!!

What the hell, $C scout team in UCLA colors


Kitten said: "Hopefully they’ll be motivated to get off the service team so they won’t have to wear the powder blue jerseys."

Kitten "Discipline": Hello Kiffin Doesn't Appreciate Tyler's "Humor"


I guess $c won't be breakin bread with Marc Tyler for at least one game.

Drunken 'SC running back Marc Tyler with moment of goofiness (or truthfulness) w/ TMZ


Highlight. Q. "Do you guys get paid more at USC or...in pros?" Marc Tyler: "USC. They breakin' bread!"

GREAT article on Institutional control


Written by a guest writer for the Barking Carnival in reaction to Jim Tressell's ignomious departure from OSU, this piece absolutely shreds any arguments put forth by those clowns across town that 'it's impossible to keep track of 85 guys'

BCS to Decide on Trogans' Illegitimate Title


Now that the Trogans' ridiculous and flimsy appeal has finally been rejected, their single title in the Cheatey Petey era is now under siege, with the decision to come "sooner rather than later". Whine On!

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