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Defensive Thoughts


About two weeks ago we talked about the simple principles of Ben Ball: defense and rebounding. I will get to the last minute call against DC below but I think we all need to acknowledge up front...

Dealing With The Ebb & Flow: Bruins Lose A Tough Game


Hopefully we will never have to hear from all UCLA haters and whiners about how Bruins get all the call (like we had to deal with last year) after tonight. As expected Bruins had a battle in their...

Ben Ball Game Day Roundup: Ready For A Road Battle


Everyone around here on BN has been feeling pretty good about basketball during last two weeks as the Ben Ball warriors have put together a dominating stretch we haven't experienced since their run...

Ben Ball Roundup: Focusing On Sun Devils


bruinponcho already fanshotted the news but in case you missed it Ben Ball warriors will have to deal with some nagging injuries heading into what will be the toughest road trip of the season (at...

Staying Even Keeled Through Our (Ben Ball) Excitement


Ben Ball warriors now have the attention of the nation. We no longer have to deal with the idiotic bubble talk we had to suffer through just few weeks. Instead UCLA has now rocketed up to no.6 in...


ASU Video Highlights

Not the result we wanted...But there's a lot of season yet to go and this team has a lot of upside, given the fab-five-freshmen. I'll start with the low-lights: our last nine possessions of...

A Taste Of Our Medicine ... Sort Of


Now we know what it feels like to be on the other team when we get shut down down the stretch. Well instead of shutting down other team with our man to man defense, it was our guys who were...

Ben Ball Gameday Roundup: Playing Smart


While lot of us have been basking from the afterglow of tremendous effort against the mediocre Stadard, Ben Ball warriors don't have a lot of time to get complacent. They get to come back in action...

Arizona State Followups


I don't want to dwell on last night's loss too much. Predictably there is a lot meltdown going on over at message boards where posters still can't deal with the dose of reality of a team playing...

Time To Put This Night Behind Us ...


There is not much to say about tonight's heartbreaker. It's a game we have seen number of times through out this season. Our defense played their hearts out. They controlled the LOS and dominated...

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