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Center Court: Ben Ball (VCU) Madness Pre-GameThread


The afternoon round of games are over which means it's time to get started with the pre game thread taking in the first games in the evening session. Hope by now everyone has been able to erase...

Center Court: Ben Ball (VCU) Madness Pre-Game Early Thread


Well the Madness gets started in a matter of mins. We thought it would be a good idea to start it off with this: UCLA Where Amazing Happens (via 805Bruin) BTW in case you missed it our...

Ben Ball Gameday Roundup: Playing Our Game


The negativity from the outside world has pretty much reached a crescendo in last 48 hrs. And it sounds like the reporters and writers from Southern California are just chomping at the opportunity...

Must See TV: Ben Ball Warriors In March Madness


We have just about 24 hours left till the UCLA tips off against VCU and what feels like rest of the nation. There are not going to be that many people rooting for JS, DC, PAA and rest of our Ben...

Ben Ball Roundup: Role of Emotion/Focus/Experience In March "Madness"


Let me share a story from few years ago. I just finished law school and was getting ready to start the dreaded Bar Bri courses to prep for the Bar exam. I will never forget what I heard from the...

4-Shadowing: Pre-Tournament Analysis


Bruins Nation analyzes the need for UCLA front court - specifically Bruin power forwards - to step up big in its first tourney game.

Ben Ball Roundup: Preparations


Right now the traditional media in LA can't seem to get enough of Eric Maynor. David Wharton from the LAT profiles Maynor, who opposing coaches refer to as a "magician": Last-second heroics...

Proving Doubters Wrong ...


It's not just Seth Davis who is dismissing Ben Howland's Bruins: Over at Sportsline.com only 1 of our their 4 "experts" is picking UCLA to go beyond the second round. Otherwise everyone else t...

Ben Ball Roundup: Focusing On Thursday Night


Sounds like we all own Seth Davis some thank you notes this week for helping set the mindset of UCLA basketball team. From Dan Webber in the Press Enterprise (emphasis added throughout): A...

Off to Philadelphia: Hello Virginia Commonwealth


So the Bruins will have to pack their bags for Philadelphia to meet the Rams from Virginia Commonwealth Rams, champions of the Colonial Athletic Conference (they crushed George Mason in their...

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