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Bruin Great Reggie Miller is Hall of Fame Finalist


A shout out to the good ole days... good luck Reggie!

Westbrook/Afflalo in Epic Shootout


Kevin Durant goes off for a career high 51 points to combine with Russell Westbrook's 40 in the Thunder's 124-118 OT win over Arron Afflalo's Nuggets. AA had 27 points to lead Denver.

Congrats MJD!! 2011 NFL Rushing Champion


MJD ran for a season-high 169 yards today, clinching the 2011 NFL rushing title and breaking Fred Taylor’s single-season franchise record in the Jacksonville Jaguars’ 19-13 victory against the Indianapolis Colts. Colts win the Suck for Luck derby I guess. MJD finished the season with 1,606 yards breaking Taylor’s franchise mark of 1,572 yards set in 2003. Congrats MJD! A glimmer of light in dark and dreary UCLA sports wold under Chianti Dan's reign of error. GO BRUINS.

UCLA No Longer #1 College for Pros in the NBA


Duke is first this year (16) with UCLA and Kentucky tied for second (15) in producing pros in the league. Last year, UCLA was #1 with 14. This year, two UCLA players entered (Honeycutt and Lee) while Dan Gadzuric left during the lockout to play in China. That leaves 15 players in the league (arranged alphabetically): Arron Afflalo (Denver), Trevor Ariza (New Orleans), Matt Barnes (L.A. Lakers), Darren Collison (Indiana), Baron Davis (New York), Jordan Farmar (New Jersey), Tyler Honeycutt (Sacramento), Jrue Holiday (Philadelphia), Ryan Hollins (Cleveland), Jason Kapono (L.A. Lakers), Malcolm Lee (Minnesota), Kevin Love (Minnesota), Luc Mbah a Moute (Milwaukee), Earl Watson (Utah), and Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City).

Afflalo to Ink 5 Year $43 Million Deal


Congrats to him and the Nuggets for re-signing him.

The L.A. in Arron Afflalo's Game


AK: What drew you to UCLA? Afflalo: I just wanted to stay home. At the time, UCLA was going through a transition period from [Steve] Lavin to Coach [Ben] Howland. They were kind of in some rough times, so just the idea of coming back in and restoring some of that rich tradition that UCLA had. Being one of the main reasons UCLA got back to prominence after being down a few years, it was really fun for me. To do it right here in my backyard was really cool.

AA's Lockout Perspective


"In all honesty, and it's hard to do, but it takes responsibility on both parties. Obviously, I'm a player and I can only take responsibility from the players' standpoint, but it just takes responsibility from both parties and understanding of that. Until you have a complete understanding that it's not worth it, that sometimes winning a fight will result in a loss. You have to know that. And if you get caught up in the moment and you don't recognize that, regardless of whether you win your battle or not, player or owner, you're gonna do damage. "You have to ask yourself, is that damage worth it. Is that damage worth that win?" A refreshing respite from the constant blame game that the NBA negotiations have become.

UCLA's next "glue guy": Reeves Nelson?


LRMAM was the quintessential glue guy. Reeves has a lot to live up to if he wants to be that guy. From all accounts, he's working hard to get there.

KL keeps finding projects to do ...


... as the NBA remains locked out. GO BRUINS.

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