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Return of Clarendon?

Following a recent photograph posted by UCLA offensive lineman Caleb Benenoch, it appears the UCLA football team will be returning to the iconic Clarendon numbering for their football uniforms,...

UCLA's New Football Unis: Same Adidas, Same Crap

Bruins Nation takes a look at what the Bruins will be wearing at the Rose Bowl and, like usual, express disappointment that Adidas continues to provide UCLA with second-rate, terrible-looking...

UCLA Football Uniforms: Exciting Developments

Obviously, the truncated UCLA shoulder stripe has been a major concern for UCLA uniform enthusiasts, but Coach Mora has heard the complaints and in a series of Twitter posts, has dropped some clues...

UCLA Football Unis: Thoughts About "L.A. Nights"


The Bruins looked very sharp against Arizona, not just in their football execution, but in how good their L.A. Nights alternate uniforms looked, which begs the question of why the Bruins don't...

Guerrero destroys UCLA Uniforms, Image

Bruins Nation takes a look at UCLA's new football uniform this season and details out how once again Athletic Director Dan Guerrero has completely failed to help build the UCLA brand and allowed...

Follow-up on UCLA Uniform Debacles: More Datapoints on Why Adidas Not to Blame


More datapoints showing how Adidas is not to blame for UCLA's uniform debacles in last two years and how the blame falls on Dan Guerrero's incompetent leadership.

$outhern Cal Pregame Open Thread


Well folks, we are just a few hours away from kickoff of the SC game. We will have our usual open thread for the game coming up at 6:45 PST, but until then, here is an open thread to get everybody...

UCLA's Uniform Debacle: Adidas Not to Blame, Chianti Dan and Morgan Center Tools Fail Again


Bruins Nation takes aim at Morgan Center's total failure to properly roll out the alternate uniform concept, using it instead to sully the traditional color on color uniform game vs. rival U$C.

Clueless UCLA Athletics Picks the Worst Time to Get Creative with Uniforms


UCLA's Dan Guerrero once again shows his total incompetence by deciding to change up UCLA's football uniform in the worst possible time.

Garlic Joe's Weekly Digest: Adidas to Unveil New UCLA Uniforms


BruinsNation's fictional character Garlic Joe is back - this time with some exclusive news on brand new UCLA "uniforms" being unveiled by Adidas!

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