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Joseph Fauria had a great day!


Fauria's line Sunday: 3 catches, 3 TD's. Not bad for a rookie! Quoting the article: "In six games he has nine official targets, seven catches, five touchdowns, four different dances and one shoutout from Jimmy Fallon."

UCLA's Hannah Carter Japanese Garden - Up for Sale


UCLA's Japanese garden is a beautiful oasis close to campus. Few know of its existence, but those who have seen it love it. Naturally, administrators are coming under fire for yet another bungled decision-making process. According to one of donor Hannah Carter's sons, "There was no communication with any of Hannah Carter's children...We are greatly saddened by this shameful behavior and hope that the university will choose to take the garden off the market." The bidding process is supposed to start in May. It's possible a future buyer would preserve the land as it is (the buyer would be an idiot not to), but it's sad to think that UCLA could lose this gem.

Norm Chow Among Those Applying for UH Head Coach Position


If one of these guys gets the job, he might take the other one with them.

New Location for the Meyer and Renee Luskin Center


You may remember that many faculty were upset that the new Luskin Conference and Guest Center was going to be built where the Faculty Club is now. The administration has announced that the Luskin Center's new location is going to be where Parking Lot 6 is--a new seven-story building at the center of the campus, steps from Pauley Pavillion. Kind of makes you think that an on-campus football stadium certainly would be possible, doesn't it?

Mike Leach on UCLA


"UCLA will always get top-ranked recruits, and it's in a quarterback mecca. The one thing about quarterbacks that can hurt your team is not being able to make a decision. That's a quick way to make them both mediocre. There are only so many reps in practice, and you invest them with someone who's going to develop with the players who are around them. It's not hard to find good plays to run. The hardest thing is to make choices about which plays to run, what's going to be your identity, then you repeat that over and over. See, the one thing you can control on offense is your package, and what you're going to be good at, then you repeat that every day. Defenses don't have that luxury." This interview with Leach, who is in Los Angeles this weekend, is very interesting. I will leave it at that.

3 UCLA researchers receive PECASE award


3 UCLA professors have received the prestigious Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers, "the highest honor bestowed by the United States government on science and engineering professionals in the early stages of their independent research careers." Besides the prestige, the awards bring a significant amount of money for their research. UCLA received more PECASE awards than any other UC campus.

UCLA has the second largest college football fan-base among Pac-12 schools


"Only U.S.C. and U.C.L.A. have at least 1 million decided fans each [in Pac-12]" yet UCLA very poor performance on the field and struggle to fill up our stadium. The athletic dept. sits on a pile of cash yet they don't know how to milk the cows. I have only three words for them: shame on you! Put on a good AD and a good football coach right now!

UCLA Non-Factor


A blog post written in response to an Eamon Brennan ESPN blog post describing the 'UCLA Factor'. Enjoy!

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