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Art Imitates Life: Adidas Finally Gets it Right.

The latest Adidas uniform debacle re. UCLA basketball reflects the true state of Bruin program: chaos and confusion.

OT: Nike vs Adidas & Uniform colors


It's been discussed here several times before. Does an 18 year-old kid really care that much about the Nike vs. Adidas topic, or whether a school's jerseys/colors can affect a commitment decision. Well, here is your answer. YES!

Adidas Hooks Up Michigan and Notre Dame With Awesome Uniforms: What About UCLA Athletics?


Bruins Nation wonders why Adidas continues to treat UCLA like a second-class citizen, especially compared to Michigan and Notre Dame that seem to get all the love.

Uniform Gimmicks, Tweaks, and "Getting" It: Where UCLA Falls Short


Bruins Nation discusses flashier uniforms in relation to recruiting and building a coherent and attractive brand identity.

Adidas Continues to Provide Second-Rate, Crappy Uniforms to UCLA


Bruins Nation discusses the second-rate uniforms that Adidas has saddled the Bruins with and questions whether it's time to switch gears to Nike.

Adidas Screwing With UCLA Basketball Uniform? (UPDATE)


Previously, BlueWave wondered in the FanPost re: the new Adidas football uniforms, if Adidas might be tweaking basketball jerseys, going with the tight-fitting jersey look that Nike rolled out a few seasons ago. It turns out they might. Take a look at last year's uniform here. Now take a look at the gallery from the men's basketball team's media day here. If you look closely, the new uniforms appear to fit more snug on top and the numbers seem to have gotten larger than previous seasons. Hopefully Adidas is not going to screw around with what is one of the most classic uniforms in college basketball. UPDATE (B) - Apparently, according to the fine folks at the very good UniWatch blog, UCLA is rolling out new uniforms this season, with some minor changes, but also it looks like it'll include the new Adidas Revolution 30 type technology (hence, the more tight fitting look).


American Strict Uniform Rules? Why?!

Bumped. GO BRUINS. -N Earlier today, Nestor gave us a good update on Neuheisel and Carroll's plan to bring back the home and home uniform tradition for our rivalry game.  I had some thoughts on...

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