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Cheat On! USC Athletes Involved In Another Pay For Play Scandal

Trojans busted for cheating - AGAIN.

A Question Everyone Is Wondering About U$C*


A Question Everyone (Except Herbstreit & Musberger) Is Wondering About Scandal Tainted U$C*: When If Ever The NCAA Hammer Will Fall On The Trojans.

Damage Control: U$C* Caves Into PR Pressure, FINALLY Issues A Statement On Investigations


Looks like the SuCsters are in full damage control mode. After remaining silent for months (if not years) they have finally issued a wishy-washy statement in response to the overwhelming national interest in the blockbuster allegations that have rocked its major programs. The PR polished/tested statement doesn't tell us anything new. GO BRUINS.

FINALLY, The Los Angeles Times BLASTS U$C*'s Silence


Well it was about time. Finally, the Los Angeles Times writes a special piece on U$C* Trojans, which should have been written a long time ago. The paper in multiple pieces today calls out the...

Pac-10 Takes Bold, Decisive Action About Following Rules ...


... by taking swift action against UCLA's tennis program: The Pac-10 has penalized UCLA's men's tennis program for allowing a player to compete while ineligible during the 2008 season, which...

Pete Carroll pimps out his players?


I guess we had it wrong...they don't just pay their players just to play football...there's a marketing angle to it!

A Warning To UCLA Athletics & Neuheisel/Howland: Be Careful


BruinsNation tells Rick Neuheisel, Ben Howland and the UCLA athletics to prepare for an all out assault for revenge from the Trojan fan base if and when U$C* gets hits with NCAA sanctions.

U$C*: "[T]he Most Scandalous Athletic Program of This Era"


That quote above is not from fanpost, fanshot, comment section on Bruins Nation. It's right there on CBS Sportsline.com courtest of Greg Doyle. In Doyle's words (HT NorCalBruin08): [T]here has...

More Fall Out From The Latest Mayo/Bush Trojan Bombshell


We will eventually move on from the latest blockbuster story involving the scandal tainted program across town. I have a feeling this story will die down in next day or two and then everyone will...

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