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USC WR Marqise Lee Reportedly Takes out $10 Million Insurance Policy | Bleacher Report


I couldn't help but post this. Some conclusions can be drawn about this: 1. A light bulb went on after seeing what happened to pretty boy Matt last year. With this story, he's so close to going from "rags to riches," so he needs to insure that the "riches" don't escape him 2. He doesn't trust Kiffin to help him succeed this year (I think this is most likely the case) 3. This might be a sign of hope for *$c faculty to see they finally graduated someone that managed to learn something important (couldn't help this one!) Either way, with Kiffin as the head coach, he made the right move. Especially when Kiffin's response to an injury is, "ok, next guy up."

Slicin' Bread!!!


A Trojan on Facebook made a negatively implied comment about MJD making a spelling error on one of his tweets. A fellow Bruin commented back saying it's ok because we still got this one. LOL!

UCLA has the second largest college football fan-base among Pac-12 schools


"Only U.S.C. and U.C.L.A. have at least 1 million decided fans each [in Pac-12]" yet UCLA very poor performance on the field and struggle to fill up our stadium. The athletic dept. sits on a pile of cash yet they don't know how to milk the cows. I have only three words for them: shame on you! Put on a good AD and a good football coach right now!

As expected -- U$C fires baseball coach.


From the LA Times: "USC ousts baseball coach Chad Kreuter", 3 changes in men's sports. Hahaha.

12 Ways Lame Can Spend His Salary


This article is FUNNY! One of my personal favorites: "4. Increase the cup size of every USC song girl. I know, I know, the average USC song girl is already a D cup, but why stop there? If Heidi Pratt's goal is to be an H cup for Heidi, then why can't USC's girls shoot for the heretofore unimaginable U cup? Lane Kiffin can make this happen. (And if he can't do that, he can lobby for Layla to receive honorary song girl status. Or at least the outfit)." LOL!

The Dagger


You gotta love Yahoo! Sports.

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