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BN's #VetoSeto Inspires Maryland Fans After Terps Pass on Shannon

Bruins Nation's vetoseto campaign inspires Maryland fans to try the same tactic.

[Update x3] UCLA Def. Coordinator Update - Neu Back In Town, Interviews Kentucky's Brown, Neu to Lock It Down?


Rick Neuheisel is back in Westwood, with a new Defensive Coordinator candidate under consideration.


Digital Passion: Was BN's Voice Heard?

Did BruinsNation have an impact on UCLA backing off from the hiring of Pete Carroll disciple Rocky Seto who didn't have credible experience to be the Bruin's new defensive coordinator? Two...

[UPDATE x2] Re. Seto Getting Vetoed Off the DC List


UPDATE (B): While Tracy Pierson should get credit for breaking the story, the MSM (including LAT) is confirming that Seto is out as a candidate for the DC vacancy. 2nd UPDATE (A): Here is the...


Dysfunctional DC Search: Can We Trust Dan & Rick Any More?

UCLA's on going search for a defensive coordinator has proven to be completely dysfunctional raising serious questions about leadership abilities of Athletic Director Dan Guerrero and Head Coach...

BREAKING: SETO VETOED, Now OFF the List of Candidates for DC


BREAKING NEWS: SETO VETOED -- Randy Seto no longer being considered for UCLA defensive coordinator.


#VetoSeto: A Questionable "Mentorship" From Cheatey Petey [You Tube Reminders]

Arguments via YouTube videos re. why Rocky Seto will be a terrible hire for UCLA.

#VetoSeto: Did Rocky Seto Leak Information to USC the Night Before National Signing Day?


More disturbing questions raised about Rocky Seto, a so called "finalist" for the defensive coordinator position for Rick Neuheisel's UCLA program.


#VetoSeto: To Guerrero & Block - Which UCLA Fan Base Do You Want?

Guerrero and Block have the choice of an enthusiastic and supportive fanbase or an angry and apathetic fanbase. Which one will they choose?

#VetoSeto: Because UCLA Football Deserves Better Than THIS


After 2 months without a defensive coordinator, is UCLA considering hiring unproven and under-qualified Seattle Seahawks and USC assistant Randy Seto? UCLA Football deserves better than THIS.

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