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Oregon's NCAA "Sanctions"

Did Chip leave town in time? He shouldn't have left at all.

(Updated) Take Aways From Oregon-NCAA Documents

The devil is in the details.

Will Lyles And The Texas Longhorns: Outside The Lines Investigates

ESPN's respected investigative reporters at Outside The Lines have turned their attention to Texas and our contentious relationship with Will Lyles, the Texas street agent that, it should be...

Is The Term ‘Street Agent’ Racist? Are Barking Carnival & The Recruitocosm!? Bomani Jones Thinks So.

Sports personality, cultural critic, and human kerosene Bomani Jones, that is. He said as much on Austin radio (10:30 mark) and his Sirius radio show while offering his own perspectives on why he...

Somebody Thinks They Have Some Dirt On Texas

Only question is whether it's Will Lyles or Will Lyles and Charles Robinson. Charles Robinson stopped by the Geoff Ketchum radio show yesterday and it's worth a listen. There's a lot of stuff in...

Will Lyles – AKA "The Fixer"

Will Lyles has come clean -- sort of. In a far reaching interview with Yahoo! sports investigative reporters Charles Robinson and Dan Wetzel, Lyles paint a self-portrait of a man just trying to...

Will Lyles and The Yahoo Specter

My various inboxes be filling up with news of Lance Zierlein's twitter stream which makes for some entertaining reading this late a.m. NCAA on the prowl: .bbpBox86075671784333314...

Texas Legislature Putting Runners On The Run

Texas lawmakers are putting teeth into new laws focused on street agents and runners, making violations a potential felony offense. HERE IS SUB-ZERO. NOW. PLAIN ZERO! Needless to say, these...

US Army AA Game/Recruiting Thoughts

First, I am very thankful that, for the most part, the Texas guys don’t do the hat bullshit. CJ Mosely was an utter embarrassment with his theatrics to open the show. Complete idiot with the...

USC Continues to Cheat The NCAA Is Too Gutless to Care

We all remember the stories and coverage that came almost solely from Yahoo! covering the fact that Reggie Bush and his family received benefits from agents and others that were courting him. This,...

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