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Bruin Bites: XSF's Return, Hoffman's Draft Position Rising, Alzheimer's Breakthrough at UCLA


Bruins Nation takes a minute in the middle of the week to go through the bits and pieces of news from around the UCLA-iverse in the mid-week edition of Bruin Bites.

Pac-10 Media Day Roundup: No Surprises For UCLA


Pac-10 Media Day Roundup: No Surprises For UCLA

Growing Up In Westwood (AKA Howlandwood For Ben Ball Warriors)


As I was reading the stories this am about UCLA the theme became pretty clear right up front. It's about growing up experiences of student athletes who have (or will have the privelege) to put on a...

National Storylines From UCLA's Spring Game


Bruins Nation offers more thoughts on national storylines based out of UCLA's spring football game.

Shifting Around ...


So following Saturday's scrimmage we have some shifting around up front stemming from Logan Paulsen's foot injury. We will get to the shifting below but let's first check in on Paulsen's status. He...

OL Reinforcements On The Way ...


Our OL situation is not looking as desperate as it was last Fall. It's not where we need an above average program to be yet but Coach Palcic now has few more options via a healthy Sean Sheller (who...

Jumping For Football: Pre-Spring Notes From Neuheisel


Again I don't recall jonesing this much for college football in middle of March in any other basketball season in my time of following UCLA hoops. But the excitement for this year's spring football...

"C'mon Stan. C'mon Stan. UCLA ... UCLA ... UCLA."


That's what Norm Chow was blurting out around 8:57 am PT yesterday in Morgan Center offices. WWL's Bruce Feldman got to hang out with CRN and his staff yesterday, which resulted in this fantastic...

A Glorious Day: Recruiting Notes/Thoughts


Let's start with Dohn's toplines on the start of the glorious signing day: The sun was yet to rise on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, but it had already broke above the Wasatch Mountains on what...

Signing Day Roundup/Open Thread: "Zero Fear"


Signing day is here. Finally. We have been discussing last few months how there has been a definite change in the way UCLA football coaches now approach recruiting - with relentless tenacity....

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