Bruin Bites – San Bernardino Camp Edition: Freshman Linebacker Making an Early Impression, “Maturity” at OL, Other Notes

Here is to Mr. Jones closing out with a strong senior season - Ronald Martinez

News and notes from UCLA’s fall football camp at San Bernardino.

After having their first two-a-day the Bruins are taking the day off this Sunday.  From yesterday the major personnel news was that Malcolm Jones lost his appeal to the NCAA. Patroclus posted Malcolm's thoughts in our last update. Malcolm is taking the news in stride but the decision is pretty absurd given that he only took 3 snaps in the first game of the season last year. The decision sucks but hopefully it will get Jones even angrier and get him more determined heading into his last year in Westwood.

Elsewhere it looks like freshman CB Johnny Johnson separated his shoulder. But as Mora noted in the post-practice vide (after first practice) it "popped back in" without much trouble (ouch). I am sure he will have further examination. Hopefully he is ok. Other notes worth of interesting - (lots of solid videos on Inside UCLA):

  • Many of us thought that among freshman LBs Myles Jack would be the first to make an early impression. It looks like the kid who has come on strong out of the gate is Deon Hollins, who according to Wang has been "racking up a number of sacks at the San Bernardino training camp." Check out Wang's video on Hollins "embracing pass-rusher role."
  • Junior Anthony Jefferson who played a lot of corner during the spring camp is getting a hard look at safety. DB coach Demetrice Martin is planning to "mix and match until it all clicks."
  • Andrew Erickson from the Daily Bruin has a good piece on the offensive line showing some "signs of maturity." Coach Klemm suggested that he is seeing these signs "particularly at the tackle positions: where redshirt sophomore Torian White and sophomore Simon Goines have "cemented themselves at their respective positions."
  • BTW Erickson notes that Damien Thigpen, who has been rehabbing his injury will only practice once during two-a-days. That makes sense to me.
  • If you haven't check it out - there is a pretty cool photo gallery from Day 4 practice in the San Bernardino Sun website.
  • I will end this edition of bites with couple of tweets from @BruinReport:

Hey, that sounds good to us. But, we still need a QB in this year's recruiting class.

The Bruins will get right back it tomorrow with another two-a-day with morning practice starting at 8:30 am and the evening one at 7:00 pm [check out full schedule here]. If you are out in the IE and have an opportunity get out there, check out the team, and let us know how they look. Enjoy your Sunday.


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