UCLA at Oregon: Second Half Game Thread

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

The UCLA Bruins take a 14-14 tie into the second half of their conference game against the Oregon Ducks. This is your second half game thread.

Could be on the verge of something special in Eugene as the Bruins are tied up with the Ducks 14-14.

Oregon won the toss and opened up the game with the ball. They turned it over on their second play with Eric Kendricks forcing a fumble. UCLA drove down the short field and ended on a Brett Hundley keeper on a zone read to take an early 7-0 lead.

The Bruins forced a punt on the ensuing drive, but the Ducks faked the punt for a huge gain to get inside the 10-yard line. A few plays later De'Anthony Thomas would plunge in for a TD and tie the game at 7.

After a couple of traded punts, UCLA drove down inside the 40-yard line and failed on a 4th down attempt. Oregon capitalized with a drive that ended on a 40-yard TD run by Byron Marshall to take a 14-7 lead in the second quarter.

The defense continued balling out outside of that big play, forcing a turnover on downs inside the redzone after another 3-and-out by UCLA's inept Mazonne-led offense. UCLA's offense drove down the field with a nice running game and a big 33-yard run by Hundley. Unfortunately, Brett would throw his 7th interception on the drive to give the Ducks the ball back.

The half would close out with the Bruins defense forcing a three-and-out and blocking a punt. The offense seemed to finally wake up, ending with a slant route OVER THE MIDDLE to Thomas Duarte for a touchdown to tie the game at 14. Instead of sitting on the ball with a minute left, Oregon attacked the Bruins and moved to within FG range but the Bruins tightened up and stopped the Ducks with a missed FG.

Can't have asked the UCLA defense to have done much more in this half. Came out fired up, forced turnovers, blocked and forced punts. Looked like the more physical team and took the Ducks out of their comfort zone.

For the offense, it's more of the same story. Nearly no throws over the middle of the field but success when thrown there, questionable use of Malcolm Jones, some breakdowns in blocking.

Many missed opportunities by Noel Mazzone's offense. Let's see how he responds in the second half.

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